Poll: 83% of Americans Oppose Biden Plan to Force Diversity in White Neighborhoods Through “Low-Income Housing” Scheme

Well, here’s a popular issue: it seems people really, really don’t like the idea of the federal government mandating Section 8 housing in their neighborhoods.

Barack Obama had planned to force every suburb in the country to build black crime hives, as a way to punish white people for being born. President Trump repealed that policy. Biden wants to bring it back, but the people do not want that.

Rasmussen Reports:

Voters strongly agree with President Trump’s decision to end an Obama-era regulation intended to push low-income housing into more affluent neighborhoods in the name of racial diversity.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 83% of Likely U.S. Voters say the federal government should not play a role in deciding where people can live. Just 10% disagree.

Sixty-five percent (65%) still say it is not the government’s job to diversify neighborhoods in America so that people of different income levels live together. But that’s down from 83% when Rasmussen Reports first asked this question in mid-2015 as the Obama administration prepared to release its new housing regulations. Twenty-three percent (23%) now say that diversifying neighborhoods is a government role, up from eight percent (8%) five years ago.

Democrats are stronger advocates of efforts by the government to diversify neighborhoods than Republicans and voters not affiliated with either major party are. But even among voters in former President Obama’s party, 56% say it’s not the government’s job to diversify neighborhoods, a view shared by 73% of Republicans and 68% of unaffiliated voters.

Little changed from the previous survey is the 40% of all voters who say the racial or ethnic make-up of the neighborhood was important in deciding where they live now, with 19% who say it was Very Important. Fifty-nine percent (59%) say the racial and ethic make-up of the neighborhood was not important to their decision, including 28% who say it was Not At All Important.

For blacks (63%), the racial or ethnic make-up of their neighborhood was much more important than it was to whites (35%) and other minority voters (44%).

Blacks are more racist than whites, eh? Oh but right, I forgot – they’re racist against whites because whites are racist against them. That’s the only reason. So it isn’t actually really racism at all.


Forced racial integration should really be turned into a wedge issue. You can’t hardly get 83% of America to agree on anything, and this is a place where you can really see the Democrat plan for the massive transformation of society in the microcosm.

The Biden plan, which is the Obama plan, is literally just to force municipal districts to build Section 8 black crime housing in the middle of white suburbs. It’s absolutely insane. I grew up in a middle class white suburb, and the idea that when I was a kid, someone would have dumped a bunch of black criminals in there is just unimaginable.

We all know what these people are and what they do. It’s not racist to say it. Black people who live in Section 8 housing are criminals, drug addicts and gang members. If you put them in a neighborhood, they cause chaos. That is the only reason you would ever do it in the first place, in fact. You’re not doing it for the sake of the blacks – as per the above poll, they want to live with their own people much more than whites are willing to admit they want to live with their own people. The plan is to use poor black drug addicts and gang members as a weapon to destroy white neighborhoods.

The Trump campaign is an absolute disaster, so I guess there is no way that this issue is going to be forced by the people who work in the campaign. The thing is still being run by Jared Kushner, somehow.

It’s too bad. I genuinely believe that if you focused on this issue, you would get a lot of traction with liberal-leaning whites who are perhaps on the verge of beginning to see that the country that the hard left wants to build for them is not one of sunshine and lollipops, but one where they are never safe. Liberals like to talk about all of this multicultural stuff, but the fact is, they are simply using support for multiculturalism as a way to signal their elitism.

That is to say: no one who cannot afford to live in an all-white neighborhood supports multiculturalism. By saying “I support multiculturalism,” you are saying, “I have enough money that I can live in an all-white neighborhood.”

When this stuff starts riding up on these white liberals, and all of a sudden there are drug dealers in the parking lot of their organic co-op, when the windows of their Priuses are getting smashed out every night so someone can pick the change out of their ashtray, when they can’t walk their dog at night without fear of getting raped, these stupid women are going to really start reconsidering a lot of this dumb ideological stuff. It will become a luxury they can’t afford.

I think it should be possible to convince some of them that they don’t want this to happen before it happens, and to see them secretly vote for Trump. But idiot Kushner won’t do that.