Poll: 68% of Belgians Support Austria-Style Lockdown for Purebloods

I don’t know if the polls are real.


Austria-style restrictions for people unvaccinated against Covid-19 would be opposed by just a quarter of Belgians, while the overwhelming majority would approve of such measures, if they were introduced in their country.

The public attitude to the controversial approach was measured by an Ipsos opinion poll conducted in Belgium in early December at the request of news outlets Le Soir and RTL. According to the results, 68% of Belgians would support restricting vaccine refuseniks from entering public spaces, while only 22% said they rejected the idea.

What I do know is that people are not bombing abortion clinics or child tranny centers. People are not bombing vax centers either, for that matter.

Not that I would support that, of course. But just real talk: it is something that would be happening on a mass scale if we lived in a society where people believed in God and that God lives in them and that God will judge them.

This is a godless, evil society we live in, and there is no bottom to how far it can go.

There is no bravery outside of God, there is no morality outside of God, and there is no salvation outside of God.

Every white nation has abandoned God and therefore has been abandoned by God and therefore is doomed, and that’s just something we all have to deal with.