Poll: 50% of Young Urban Chinese Women Say They Don’t Plan to Get Married

China is hitting the wall that all countries that allow women to make their own choices ultimately hit.


If you’re a young, city-dwelling Chinese woman, there’s a close to 50% chance you’re planning to never get married.

That’s according to a new survey of China’s young urban population conducted by a wing of China’s Communist Youth League. The survey polled 2,905 unmarried youths living in Chinese cities between the ages of 18 and 26. It found that 44% of its female respondents did not intend to get married, with a sizeable 25% of the survey’s male respondents saying the same.

As for why these Chinese Gen Z-ers don’t want to get hitched, 34.5% of those surveyed cited “not having the time or energy to get married.” Meanwhile, 60.8% of the Chinese Gen Z-ers polled said they found it “difficult to find the right person.”

Unlike Western governments, the Chinese government actually wants women to be marrying and having children. So they are going to try to find solutions.

But there are some very easy ways to incentivize marriage and disincentivize sluttery.

The easiest thing is to just limit access to birth control, and then offer zero interest loans to young couples. But you also have to knock women down off their high horse. China is an ultra-sentimental society, so Chinese men are prone to all of this lovey-dovey gibberish that feeds women’s egos.

I’ve offered lists of easy solutions to feminism in the past. It’s not a hard problem to solve. You just have to identify the root causes of this type of behavior from women, and then choke those roots. That way, you’re not forced to try to micromanage human behavior.

It will be interesting to see how China deals with this.

They’ve already banned feminist social media accounts, which is not something I personally support. Aside from my views on speech, bannings are much closer to micro-management than to fixing root causes. It’s just putting out fires.

The root causes are the women’s ability to make these decisions and have that be personally advantageous to them. The cultures that build up around feminism are a result of the fact that it is advantageous.

If you want to influence the culture, rather than censoring feminism, it is much more effective to encourage male anti-feminism. Tell men about the ways that women exploit them emotionally and financially, and teach men not to feed into female narcissism. Feminism is only possible if there are an army of men willing to go along with it, because a woman cannot live without male approval.

Anyway, it’s easy, and I could go into an office in Beijing and lay out a five-year plan to get these numbers from 50% to 5% without having to censor anyone. Restricting access to birth control is priority number one, and that can be done with very solid arguments regarding women’s health. There are plenty of studies on how abortion and pills harm women’s bodies, so these things can be easily banned without needing to make a social engineering argument.

Then, instead of trying to ban every feminist outlet, you start running documentaries explaining to men what feminism is, and how feminists exploit men. Soon, every time a woman posts some picture where she’s dressed slutty, or on some night out with her girlfriends, or on some “adventure” vacation, instead of 100 guys telling her “oh, you look so cute,” she gets 100 guys calling her a whore and asking why she isn’t married yet.

If women are spammed with social disapproval, they undergo a psychological collapse, and they will very quickly change their behavior. That is not 100% true, but it is 95% true.

On the other end of that, you reinforce married women as being beautiful, moral, and socially approved. Positive messages from socially-approved women who signal high-status such as “my man might not be tall, rich or handsome, but he is a good man” help a lot more than banning some dyke who says all men should be killed or whatever.

It’s all very simple.

The fact that China has reacted by banning feminist accounts really shows that they don’t have any idea what they’re doing.