Poll: 46% of Americans Believe That Election Fraud Happened

The scariest thing about what is going on right now is that the Democrat Party is obviously comfortable with a situation where they take power and half the population believes they’ve illegally seized power.

That says a lot about how they are planning to rule.

Washington Examiner:

For the second day in a row, a new voter survey has found support for President Trump’s vow to fight on with his challenge to the election, with more believing that it was plagued with fraud.

While a Tuesday Pew Research Center survey said that it was mostly Republicans who believed that fraud occurred, the new McLaughlin & Associates poll found that all voters, by a 46%-45% margin, believed that there was fraud.

That surprised the pollsters, especially since they also reported that more in the survey voted for Joe Biden over Trump.

“Among American voters the majority is not convinced that voter fraud did not occur in their presidential election. It is important to note that the poll model reflects the national popular vote of 51% Biden, 47% Trump,” Jim and John McLaughlin said in a Newsmax column. They shared their charts with Secrets.

The duo, who polled for Trump’s campaign, also said, “There is one stunning result in the entire poll: Americans believe there was a serious vote fraud problem in the last election.”

Moreover, the poll shows that more people than voted for Trump believe that Trump should continue to fight.


But we all get that this is a hoax. Joe Biden did not win the election and he did not win the popular vote. Donald Trump won by the biggest landslide in American history, probably with 57% of the real and legitimate vote.

I have always been a critic of democracy. However, what we are seeing here shows that Democrats are preparing to completely throw democracy out the window, and rule with a brutal iron fist. That is the only way that they would feel comfortable taking power under these circumstances.

Below, I will paste what I wrote after it was revealed that the Supreme Court would skip out on hearing any of the claims of election fraud. (I should really start quoting myself more often, because people don’t read every article, and sometimes if I’ve said it once, I don’t really need to say it again. Frankly, sometimes reading something I wrote a week later, I’m shocked at how good it is. All glory to God btw.) 

This absurd media narrative cannot be designed to convince anyone.

Obviously, they did steal the election, so they can’t do a real investigation into whether or not they stole the election – but they could just as easily have pretended to care!

If they wanted to convince people, the media and the Democrats would:

  • Avoid using all of this insulting language, as a matter of course
  • Avoid insinuating bad faith and conspiracy by Trump and his supporters
  • Claim to be taking allegations of fraud seriously
  • Have Joe Biden publicly state that he doesn’t want to win through fraud, and he wants every legal avenue to be pursued to show that his victory was legitimate so that the American people have confidence in our democratic system
  • Allow one of the weaker cases to make it to the Supreme Court and spent time looking at it before ruling in favor of Biden

Of course, not all Trump supporters would be convinced, but a large number of them would be. Others would at least feel better about the fact that they felt like they had been heard.

It would have cost Democrats nothing to do this. They obviously have total control over these institutions, including the Supreme Court, so there was never any threat that the election would actually be overturned.

But they’re provoking Trump supporters!

There are only two explanations for this:

  1. They are unhinged, or
  2. They are purposefully trying to humiliate Trump supporters by rubbing the fraud in their faces

I don’t really know which it is.