Poll: 2 in 3 Americans Support Masking School Children

Is this a tranny? I am worried now that I’ve started to think every white woman over 30 is a tranny. They are all actually de facto trannies now.

As we say every day: democracy is incompatible with freedom. The masses of people can be convinced of any idiotic nonsense very easily.

This is why America was founded as a Republic. It was a high freedom country, and the Founding Fathers understood that democracy would only lead to dumb tyranny.

As long as we wear these stupid masks, we are enslaved to this moronic hoax. Our enslavers are the stupid people who will believe whatever the media and charlatans like Anthony Fauci tell them to believe.

USA Today:

As the last wave of U.S. kids heads back to school, parents are concerned their children will get seriously ill if they catch COVID-19. A strong majority support requiring universal mask-wearing and teacher vaccinations amid the surge in pediatric COVID cases.

Still, parents are eager for their children to return to classrooms, and they’re more skeptical of online learning now than they were last school year.

That’s according to a new USA TODAY/Ipsos poll, which found declining optimism about distance learning as schools, having just reopened, close or go back online. Across the U.S., more than 1,000 schools have already halted in-person learning because of COVID-19 outbreaks. Thousands of children are quarantined.

Remember when you thought this was over?

Remember when even Alex Berenson said that it was over, and I was like “nah, brah – you wait.”

Now they’re quarantining children – which I believe just means telling them to stay in their houses, right now, but it will soon mean that they get thrown in vans and shipped off to tranny brainwashing and rape centers against the will of their parents.

Just half of parents feel their district adequately prepared students for remote instruction, a 15-percentage-point drop from last May. Concerns are especially high among Black parents; just 37% said their children were well-prepared for distance learning.

Parents’ confidence that their children “will eventually be able to make up any lost ground” has also taken a dip. A majority of parents said online learning has caused their children to fall behind.

These sentiments may help to explain why most Americans are in favor of resuming in-person learning. Among parents of schoolchildren, 7 in 10 support returning to full-time instruction in classrooms. Support is strongest among white and Asian parents and weakest among Black and Hispanic parents, communities that have been harder hit by COVID-19.

The poll was conducted online between Aug. 30 and Sept. 1 among roughly 2,000 adults in the U.S. About a fifth are parents of schoolchildren. The poll had a credibility interval, akin to a margin of error, of plus or minus 2.5 percentage points.

So, you can believe the poll or not.

Obviously, these people constantly publish fake polls as part of a way to manipulate public opinion. There’s no way to know what is real and what isn’t.

But I’ve certainly seen with my own eyes a lot of retard-tier morons who still to this day believe in this nonsensical virus hoax, despite the fact that the media has failed to present any evidence that a pandemic exists.

“My mask only protects you…!”
“My vaccine stops working if you don’t have the vaccine…!”
“The Delta variant is more likely to affect children…!”

This is what normies actually believe:

You can’t have freedom alongside such aggressive moronism and demands for tyranny.

Democracy has failed completely, and we need a new system.