Poll: 16% of Americans Want to Go Live in Another Country

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 6, 2019

It’s 2019 and John Denver is still better than Bob Dylan and I’ll still swear it on my eternal soul before Jesus Christ and his Holy Mother.

I think it is safe to assume that 100% of these people are white, because immigrants surely don’t want to leave. And black people sure as hell don’t – they’re barely aware that other countries even exist. In fact, I don’t think you could really say that they are “aware” of that fact, because it becomes too abstract to imagine somewhere they’ve never seen as being real.

So if 16% of the total and only white people answered yes, then that means… do the math.

Probably about a third of whites said “yes, I would like to move to another country.”

Huffington Post:

President Donald Trump may have staked his campaign on making America great again, but more citizens than ever before want to get out permanently.

In 2018, 16 percent of Americans said that they would like to move to another country, according to a Gallup poll released Friday.

While that number matches 2017 data and doesn’t stray much from global standards, it remains significantly higher than it was during the presidencies of Barack Obamaor George W. Bush. In the Obama administration, 10 percent wanted to jump ship. The figure was 11 percent in the Bush administration.

The divide between men and women is also telling. Since Trump took office, 20 percent of women would like to leave, compared with 13 percent of men.

Age is an additional factor, with 30 percent of 15- to 29-year-olds wanting to get out. That number drops significantly with age to 19 percent of 30- to 49-year-olds and 8 percent of people 50 and older. Furthermore, those with lower incomes were more inclined to say they’d like to leave, too.

Blaming this on Donald Trump is insane. Typical HuffPo gibberish.

Nothing has changed since he has been President, other than that things have gotten much more Jewish because Jews have lost their minds and flexed their muscles.

I cannot imagine that a single liberal can name a single way in which their own personal life has been negatively affected by the Trump Presidency, at all. Let alone in such a large way that they feel they need to flee the country.

It certainly has negatively affected the lives of conservative white people – because again, Jews have lost their minds, they’re clamping down on everything.

Maybe the women said they want to leave because of Trump, because they felt they were morally obligated to say that. I don’t know. Nor do I care about what women think.

But a lot of the men answering they want out is simply because the US has become a shithole country.

I haven’t lived in the US really at all in my adult life, and I miss my people but I’m not sitting around longing to go back.

No Freedoms

People hate living in America because there aren’t any freedoms.

We’re actually living under an extreme form of brutal Jewish tyranny.

For as much as the ostensible American vision is about “freedom,” there is hardly a country on earth that has less freedom than America.

The only “freedoms” that exist that don’t exist in alleged “dictatorships” are “freedoms” to be deviant and depraved – stuff that should be illegal.

In America, you have the freedom to:

  • Do man on man anal masturbation
  • March around naked
  • Be a Moslem
  • Produce, distribute, consume pornography
  • Inject your son with estrogen
  • Inject yourself with fentanyl
  • Smoke marijuana
  • Own guns (restrictions apply)

In America, you do not have the freedom to:

  • Live in a homogeneous community
  • Send your kids to a homogeneous school
  • Pray at school
  • Refuse vaccinations
  • Drive around without being threatened and harassed by police
  • Post your views on the internet
  • Go to a brothel
  • Go camping on public land
  • Not have health insurance
  • Demonstrate in public without fear of being physically attacked and then charged with crimes
  • Have sex without fear of being charged with fake rape and sent to prison
  • Safely get married without fear of being divorce-raped
  • Do anything at all without some license
  • Hire employees based on merit or other employer preference
  • Buy bump stocks
  • Not bake an anal cake

In China, you have the freedom to:

  • Drive around without being threatened and harassed by police
  • Drive through any neighborhood without fear of being shot by black people
  • Walk around at night without fear of being attacked by black people
  • Post your views on the internet (everything except anti-government)
  • Keep your bar open as long as you want
  • Beat your wife (within reason, restrictions apply)
  • Start your own small business without being taxed to death
  • Go to a brothel
  • Live in safe, homogenous communities
  • Work and make a good living
  • Get married without fear that the government will give all of your money and your children to your wife in the event of a divorce
  • Smoke cigarettes in coffee shops and bars
  • Do things without being asked for a license
  • Hire whoever you want
  • Bake cakes for whoever you want

In China, you do not have the freedom to:

  • Criticize the government
  • Own a handgun without a license
  • Do man on man anal masturbation
  • Produce, distribute, consume pornography
  • Be a Moslem

So I mean, I don’t know – it’s not exactly a math equation, but it would be a hard argument to make that you actually have MORE freedom in the USA than you do in China. Certainly, on a day-to-day basis, you feel a lot more free in China than you do in America.

Though this is not exactly specific, in America, you have a constant feeling that there is pressure pushing down on you from all directions, and you do not have that in China. At least not as a foreigner. Chinese people do feel a lot of pressure from their parents.

Overall, the argument that there is a higher level of freedom in America than in China or whichever other country is demonized as a non-freedom country by America is stupid, and I think a lot of people feel very oppressed in America.

The Browning

I haven’t lived in America in a very long time, but I talk to people, and everyone says that all these places I grew up in are now overrun with various “New Americans.”

We know that diversity creates a feeling of alienation, and I imagine people want to escape that.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the number one reason that ex-pats give for having left the West is immigration. Granted, that is usually Europeans rather than Americans, because there aren’t very many American ex-pats, relatively. But clearly, the same principle applies.

So I would not be at all surprised if a lot of men answering this poll were responding to immigration. Even if they aren’t consciously aware of it, or willing to admit it, this is the thing that is changing America. Donald Trump – regrettably – is not changing America.

It’s hollowing us out, this de-nationalization, de-humanization, this removal of identity.

Just watch this clip from Malcolm X and imagine it’s a white guy talking about Jews.

That’s how we all feel. But much worse.

It is deep, soul-crippling alienation.

So it really isn’t a surprise that people want to get out of this mess. Especially when all of these social-engineering programs have successfully broken down family ties.

America was the best country that ever existed, and these kikes have wrecked it completely.

It hurts me to think about what they took from us.