Poll: 12% of Americans Support a Preemptive War with Iran

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 22, 2019

This seems like more support than the plan should be getting.


A sizeable majority of US citizens oppose the idea of pre-emptive strikes on Iran, and massively disapprove of Trump’s policy towards the Islamic Republic, a survey has revealed as tensions continue to flare in the Gulf.

Some 60 percent of Americans believe that the US should not attack Iranian armed forces first, while a measly 12 percent supported carrying out a pre-emptive attackaccording to a Tuesday poll by Reuters/Ipsos. That’s despite 53 percent of American adults referring to Iran as a “serious” or “imminent” threat.

That figure, overlooked by many mainstream media outlets, was almost as large as the number of American adults (51 percent) who believed their country is set to go to war against Iran in the next few years.

Doing a war on Iran would cost tens of thousands of American lives. We would need to send a million soldiers.

Who is this hardly “measly” 12% that wants to get this going as quickly as possible?

Well, if we assume that virtually all Jews support it – and that is safe to assume – then that accounts for 2%.

The other 10% must be Republicans. And the only people they could be are evangelical doomsday cultists who want to force-meme an apocalypse by starting a world war.

How is it that these people are not declared mentally unstable, and exiled from polite society? Surely, attempting to bring about a world war on purpose in order to fulfill a Biblical prophecy is something that we can universally agree is insane and evil.

The reason they are not declared as such universally is that they are useful to the Jews. They give money to the Jews. They vote for the Jews. They put their entire lives into pushing the Jew agenda.

Mike Pompeo is himself an evil evangelical doomsday lunatic.

Of course, this number that supports a preemptive strike is irrelevant, because there is no way they are going to start this war preemptively. Presently, we can all see them setting up the pieces for a false flag attack.

They have floated this and begun to prep the goyim by blaming Iran for sabotaging ships in Saudi Arabia and sending a rocket into the Green Zone in Iraq.

Furthermore, Trump hasn’t come out aggressively in support of a preemptive war. If he did, how many of his supporters would support it just because he said to?

Of course, he campaigned against wars, but Trump is now more of a cult of personality than anything else, given that he’s failed to do anything that he campaigned on. Anyone still supporting him is supporting him either because they hope he will do something, or, more likely, because they still view him as “the leader” even though he’s not doing anything.

Basically, if you combine some kind of false flag – probably in Iraq – where Americans die with Trump saying “we need to do this,” you’re probably looking at 40ish% support for a war against Iran.

I believe that’s what they could drum up and that’s the highest they could ever get it. After thousands of Americans die, gas is $7 a gallon and rumors on the internet spread that the event that started the war was a false flag, support will go down to somewhere in-between the 12% that support a war on any grounds and the 40% that will support it when it is first launched.

But the Jews don’t care.

They hate Trump, and don’t have any reason not to completely destroy any legacy he may have by goading him into starting the most disastrous war since WWII.

That said, we have to give Trump credit for apparently resisting the push to do this. Although we would have to remove some of that credit when we see that the only reason there is a push to do this is that he appointed John Bolton and Mike Pompeo to his cabinet in the first place.

Currently, I believe that this is just a lot of bluster. I think that they are trying to wage an economic war against Iran, and that this threat of war is more to scare Europeans – who are still trying to trade with Iran – that it is to scare Iranians.

That said, I am quite sure that Bolton and Pompeo do want a real war. And I am less than confident in Trump’s ability to manage the situation. I am relatively sure that if Trump’s neocons did a false flag, Trump wouldn’t know it was a false flag, and would be pushed into launching a war by Jared and Ivanka Kushner telling him that if he didn’t do it he would look weak.

No one can predict what happens next. But I think it is unlikely that Trump will launch the war before the election, unless it looks like he’s going to lose.

But in his second term, anything goes. And it does look like he can win.

I think we should be supporting Bernie Sanders, as he is the only candidate that is not going to do a war on Iran.

I don’t really know what else to say about all of this.

But who knows – maybe a war against Iran would destroy American power forever, and provide an opportunity for the American people to seek freedom from the post-American American State.

We will continue to roll with the punches, and plan what is best for the remaining Americans.

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