POLITICO Tries to Explain to Stupid Goyim That the Pandemic Will Never End

Just be reasonable…!

This is all just people making decisions randomly, and it’s only a coincidence that every government in the Western world makes all the same decisions!


The summer of 2021 began with such promise. On Memorial Day, the traditional start of summer, many Americans thought that the worst of Covid might be over, that masks were out and hugs (or more) might be in. But that optimism has yielded to a more somber and uncertain Labor Day as hot vax summer turned into hot spot autumn.

In the three months in between, the vaccination drive hit a wall of resistance, and the more infectious Delta variant arrived. All that talk about “emerging” from the pandemic morphed into nervous questions: When will we reach a turning point in combating Covid 19? When and how will we finally get back to something close to “normal” for more than a season?

Unfortunately, public health officials say that’s the wrong question. There will be no quick and clear turning point ahead in the Covid-19 pandemic, no “X” to mark on the calendar indicating that the worst is past and we can be confident that going forward there will be fewer cases, fewer deaths, fewer hospitals stuffed to their dangerous limits.

The deadly surge currently raging in the Southern states may level off, but as the virus recedes in one part of the country, it may explode in another. Public health officials are already warily watching an uptick in the Dakotas, possibly linked to last month’s Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. The governor of Idaho is summoning the National Guard to assist in rapidly filling hospitals.

Yes, it’s the goyim’s fault.

They didn’t wear masks, and now we’re all doomed to suffer from this hoax.

It seems the narrow window to wipe the coronavirus completely off the face of the globe has slipped through our unvaccinated fingers.

But just because we aren’t looking at the best-case scenario, doesn’t mean that we’re now in a worst-case scenario. Instead, according to U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, we’re looking at something in the manageable middle.

“It is really important that we convey that success does not equal no cases,” Murthy told POLITICO in an interview. “Success looks like very few people in the hospital and very few dying.”

With all the worry about Delta, he noted, the gains we’ve made are sometimes forgotten or diminished. The vaccines do work, he stressed. Breakthrough cases remain infrequent; few are life threatening.

“This is obviously a very difficult part of the pandemic,” Murthy added. Delta is a genuine danger, but vaccinated people may overestimate their peril, just as unvaccinated people may underestimate it.

“This is the dichotomy developing,” he said. “It’s almost like living in two different Americas.”

This uneven picture will pose political challenges. Joe Biden has staked much of his presidency on getting the virus under control. He’s missed a few self-imposed deadlines but his administration has gotten tens of millions of Americans vaccinated, reopened schools and presided over a recovering economy. He’s generally had a more consistent, science-based response than former President Donald Trump did — although lately he’s angered some FDA officials by getting ahead of them over decisions about booster shots.

This is the official new narrative: none of this will ever actually end, so you just need to get used to it.

It was obvious that when they said it might be over in the spring that they were just giving people a breather before they brought the hammer down.

I said that, over and over again, even as people like Alex Berenson were saying it was really over.

The reason I was able to make that prediction was that I understand that there is a purpose to all of this. It is not a real virus, obviously, nor is it just politicians being stupid.

If I hear another boomer say “oh well, they just got themselves in a pickle, now they don’t know how to end the pandemic scare and go back to normal,” I will literally snap.

I hear these boomers saying that really, the Jews just want us to keep working, because they get their power from people working and consuming. It just makes me sick how dumb people are – because I am sitting here and explaining it, and predicting everything that happens, step by step.

How am I doing that if I don’t have insight into it?

Am I just very lucky?

Does that make sense, that I’m so lucky, I just am able to guess?

This thing of “they want you to produce and consume” is so dumb.

There is no inherent value in someone working at a job that serves no purpose for the ruling elite. They don’t need tax money. The entire economy is a sham, set up to mask the fact that we are ruled by an entrenched elite class.

They don’t care if you’re “working and consuming.”

At this point, they want you living in tiny apartments, not working, not consuming, using a UBI credit system to pay for basic needs, getting many, many vaccines, and then dying.

Figure it out!

It’s not a mystery!

I’ve explained it all!