Politicians Confronted on Venezuela, Have No Idea What is Even Going On

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 1, 2019

This video is incredible.

Mex Blumenthal went to the capitol and interviewed a bunch of politicians in the halls of Congress on the topic of Venezuela and the current push for war against that country by the Trump Administration, and none of them had any idea what the hell is even going on.

Several of them appeared to agree with Blumenthal that this is “meddling,” and some of them said that it was wrong. Others kind of knew the line, and said that Maduro is evil so we have to do freedom. No one had a very clear or polished explanation, however, of the sort that you would get from a CNN anchor.

This video really should be a wakeup call to anyone who thinks our government is run by anything other than incompetent idiots who are only in power for the reason that they can’t compete in other industries and they are willing to be shills. You would think it would make sense to put the people from the brightest class in charge of public policy, but this is simply not the way things work. The system is too corrupt to allow good people, and smart people simply don’t want to get involved. So you have a bunch of catladies and blacks and just dumb boomers who have no idea what is even going on and don’t even have a clear understanding of their own talking points.

Our entire government is basically a hoax. This Venezuela issue just all of the sudden popped up, and the lawmakers know they are supposed to go along with it, but they don’t know what they’re supposed to be going along with.

A coup has been announced in the most brazen imaginable way by the Trump Administration, there is bipartisan support for the agenda, the EU has announced full support for the agenda, no one can explain why. They leave the justifications to the media, who comes up with atrocity lies and backward nonsense.

One Congressbitch that Blumenthal ambushes says that people in the country are starving, and he says “oh so you don’t support the sanctions then?” and she is a little bit savvier than the rest and says he’s trying to trap her. Eventually she says she does support the sanctions.

As we’ve learned, Venezuela is a shithole. However, the main reason for the extreme poverty is the sanctions. And the sanctions are on the country because it is allied with countries that the US state views as enemies, most prominently Russia.

The media won’t mention the sanctions, they will simply claim that the extreme poverty is a result of oppression. And they’re just hoping people will go along with it.

I don’t know how stupid the average Trump supporter is, but I at least hope that the fact that this is the first time ever that the entire Jewish media and the Democrats have rallied around to support a Trump agenda gives them some pause.