Political Correctness is Dead

Gavin McInnes
March 22, 2014

Beyoncé: Definitely the bossy sort.
Beyoncé: Definitely the bossy sort.

It’s official. On Sunday, March 9th, 2014, political correctness breathed its last breath. It had been careening out of control since trannies took over the controls, but the moment that Beyoncé  starred in a PSA to ban the word “bossy,” PC lost its last shred of credibility.

Beyoncé is the songstress who warbles such sweet lines as, “I fill the tub up halfway then I ride it with my surfboard, surfboard/Grinding on that wood, grinding, grinding on that wood.” Her husband loves her very much and has made it clear that he has “99 problems, but a bitch ain’t one.” This dumb bitch, who spends thousands of dollars weaving white women’s hair into her own, is telling young girls to be themselves. Did you know “bossy” is a sexist term used to prevent girls from becoming themselves? Me neither. I don’t think anybody did. When the NAACP had a funeral for the N-word, it seemed silly, but at least the word “nigger” had a built-in pejorative taint. But now the PC Squad has resorted to opening the dictionary and pointing at whatever words their fingers touch first.

“Words matter” is one of PC’s founding tenets, but they have diluted this idea until it is indistinguishable from water. Having someone who disguises herself as a white woman and croons about getting plowed tell us which words are sexist is hilarious. It’s a funeral for the Thought Police. They are done.

Before Beyoncé put this final nail in the coffin, we had trannies running around in circles saying even more ridiculous shit.

In February, the globe-shaped Gabourey Sidibe made a funny quip about all the trannies she saw getting arrested in New Orleans. “I don’t know what goes on with trannies,” she said of the experience, “but that tranny-on-tranny crime needs to stop!” Everyone laughed except the trannies. According to them, “tranny” is hate speech. Sidibe didn’t know this. “I don’t [sic] realize that it was a slur,” she later Tweeted.

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