Polish MP Explains How Pogroms Were Actually Good for the Jews

Daily Stormer
March 5, 2020

With the Jews still whining about stuff that happened hundreds of years ago, it’s bound to happen that people are going to come out and say “yeah, actually that was good, and you should shut up about it because I don’t care.”

Jewish Journal:

A Polish member of parliament (MP) lauded pogroms against Jews in a Feb. 27 interview on a Polish television network, asserting that the pogroms made Jews powerful through natural selection.

Jewish Telegraphic Agency reported that Janusz Korwin-Mikke, the leader of the right-wing Liberty Party, said that the benefit of the coronavirus epidemic is that natural selection will benefit mankind. He cited Jews as an example.

“The most gifted survived,” he said. “This is a warning to anti-Semites: That is why Jews are powerful, because they had pogroms. There are even theories that rabbis deliberately provoke pogroms precisely so that Jews survive and then there is natural selection.”

Jews were of course mad.

Yes, this is current year, Jews.

Things are tough all over.

And maybe whining about all of these ancient events that no one really even believes, let alone cares about, is not going to make you more popular.

The only reason Janusz is able to go out there and say something like this is that everyone is so sick of hearing Jews whine that they cannot feel sympathy for them. In general, people try not to be rude. But patience has its limits. And the Jews have been whining at ultra-level about Poland for years now, blaming them for all sorts of things, so eventually, they’re going to lose any bit of sympathy they have.

In fact, the whole world is ready to lose their sympathy.

The new meme is “OK kike.”

If their actual fear is people hating them, they should start doing the opposite of what they’re doing.