Polish Government Caves to International Jewry’s Demand to Imprison Nationalist Marchers

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer 
November 21, 2017

The zealous advocates of a Jewish Israel are demanding justice against Poles who marched for a “White Europe.”

The Israeli government was very upset at the 60,000 strong peaceful display of Polish patriotism and demanded the local plutocrats take “action” against racism, “anti-Semitism” and xenophobia.

This came in the same week that Benjamin Netanyahu announced he will start deporting all the blacks his state rounded up, put in concentration camps, and now will be dropping off in a random and incredibly dangerous part of Africa.

The Israeli Government, virtually every Jewish organization in the European Union (and there are many), all the Jewish organizations in America…the eternal Jew is exercising power in a raw display. The Poles know him well!

ABC News:

Prosecutors in Poland opened an investigation Monday to determine if statements expressed during a march by far-right nationalists in Warsaw this month violated laws against propagating racism.

The march held on Nov. 11, Poland’s Independence Day, drew an estimated 60,000 participants. Many marchers carried Poland’s national flags, while some had flags with Celtic crosses, a white supremacist symbol, or banners with slogans like “White Europe of brotherly nations.”

Warsaw prosecutors spokeswoman Magdalena Sowa said the investigation would focus on whether criminal charges should be brought for the “public propagating of fascism and calls for hatred,” offenses punishable by up two years in prison.

The march’s organizers and the people who held provocative banners are the focus of the investigation, she said.

Poland’s President Andrzej Duda and European Union lawmakers have condemned the event. Other members of the Polish government have praised it as a manifestation of patriotism, raising concerns among some Poles that the ruling Law and Justice party might lend the far right some legitimacy.

Also Monday, a Jewish group in Poland said it had raised its “indignation” at the racist slogans in a meeting with ruling party leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski the day after the march.

The Jewish community of Poland issued a statement saying its leader, Leszlaw Piszewski, and the country’s chief rabbi, Michael Schudrich, had a “frank and open conversation” of more than an hour with Kaczynski.

The statement said that when the Jewish leaders expressed their concerns, “Kaczynski stated that he was strongly opposed to these slogans as well.”

What other ethnic group snaps its fingers and gets Polish government officials to do exactly what they say? Certainly not Poles.

I have written extensively about the peculiar hatred Jews have for the people of Poland. It has no logical explanation, Poland was not even an Axis power.

Jews complain of Polish racism, but when Jewish immigration into Poland hit its zenith (around the 12th century), it was specifically because of the welcoming embrace of King Boleslaw III. For centuries, Jews in Poland enjoyed equal rights and many privileges average Poles never had (just like now). At one point, Jews were 10% of the country’s population.

Then something “happened” and the Polish people began to demand answers for what the Jews were doing to them. According to Jews the reason for this is Gentiles aren’t comfortable putting things in their butt and have traditionally had decent fathers. This is what causes anti-Semitism, since Jews have never so much as jaywalked!

If the Polish government was anything more than a provision to keep its population happy while George Soros, (((American media))) and European Union NGOs slowly poz them, they would shut these Jews up by commissioning an unbiased study of what really happened at Auschwitz.

Simply by opening Auschwitz up to the scores of engineers, historians, chemists, etc. who believe the Holocaust is a fraud, the Jewish excuse for molesting the world would be neutralized.