Polish Baby Boom: 400,000 Expected in 2017 Alone

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
March 21, 2017

Raising the reproduction rate in a country is an easy task once you get rid of the people actively trying to suppress it. If the state creates conditions and incentives that compel women to marry and have children, the rest works itself out. Even though abortion was legal and women were expected to work, the Eastern bloc until the fall of the USSR always had a higher birth rate than Western Europe.

Poland’s “successful” transition towards a capitalist economy in the European Union has been lauded by American think-tanks since its neighbors in the Baltics are in pretty awful shape, but it’s just smoke and mirrors. The country is racked with unemployment and these people emigrate to other parts of Europe – an obvious birth-rate and population killer.

In response to this problem, the Polish government is now offering cash subsidies for families that have many children. This is a Soviet-era program they’re reviving, and it’s working.

New Europe:

The Dziennik Gazeta Prawna, a daily Polish newspaper, has reported that Poland is experiencing a baby boom, with about 400,000 more children to be born by the end of the year.

The daily reports that the reason behind this baby boom might be the country’s “500+” programme. This programme provides families with two or more children with a state handout of around PLN 500 (which equals €115) every month per child.

Imagine if instead of billions of euros being set aside to pay Arabs and blacks to entertain us with their wonderful presence, the German government used the money as an incentive for families who have children.

“Oy Vey,” the free marketeers would whine, “but then people won’t have an incentive to work!” Indeed, by supplementing women’s income, you encourage them to be stay-at-home mothers as nature intended. Additionally, the temporary drop in the labor market will cause wages for men to raise, which will lead to women seeing more men as eligible and attractive. Most women would rather stay home working and caring for the people who love them (husbands, children) than be forced to serve some CEO that sees them as a disposable cog to milk surplus value out of.

The question is, how long can the Poles keep doing this right under Judah’s big bulbous nose? That big schnoz casts a long shadow, and by being in the EU, Poland’s smack dab under it. The Jews have an almost cartoonish hatred towards Poles, more than even Germans.

The Jewish (NGOs, global media, Soros, etc) response to the Polish baby boom is to activate their cells of upper middle class Polish intelligentsia, well-versed in the latest globalist (((European))) and (((American))) political fashions, to destabilize the country in the name of abortion. 400,000 babies a year in a homogeneous nation of 38 million is enough of an emergency to get Madonna out there and personally lead the protests.

Will the normal people be able to hold out? They must first ruthlessly crush these protests by any means necessary. But even then, Poland’s baby boom is most likely an isolated event in the absence of a national revolution. Poland is the only white country that takes the Catholic Church seriously, and the Vatican’s not going to lead or defend them any time this century. The people of Poland can’t enjoy the short-term financial benefits of European Union entanglement and have their babies too.

Let’s see how this plays out. Expect to hear more about “Poland’s attack on women’s rights” on the news 24/7 though.