Police Surround Mosque in Central London After Knife Murderers Flee to It

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 29, 2019

HAHA! Female SWAT! And you faggots wonder why Moslems are conquering you???

Racist Islamophobic British police sealed off a mosque right after Moslem murderers tried to hide inside, implying mosques are the hideouts of terrorists.

These police officers are likely to be put through anti-Islamophobia reeducation camps soon.

Daily Mail:

Armed police sealed off a mosque in London after a man was fatally stabbed on a nearby street and the attackers reportedly fled towards the place of worship today.

The victim, who was believed to be in his early twenties, was found with stab wounds in a housing block in Cunningham Place, Westminster, at about 6.15pm.

He was treated at the scene with help from London Ambulance Service paramedics but later died in hospital.

Officers searching the area for suspects sectioned off the London Central Mosque near Regent’s Park for more than five hours this evening.

Video from outside the mosque shared on social media showed armed police at the gates as a helicopter circled overhead.

The cordon was finally moved at around 11.30pm, with the roads reopened and armed police officers leaving the scene.

Bahir Moulana said that as he was walking towards the mosque the police were pushing people back before they closed the main gate.

With a number of armed officers at the scene, the 39 year old said it gave him the ‘jitters’, especially following the recent attack at two mosques in New Zealand.

‘I saw all the blue lights and my heart was in my mouth,’ Mr Moulana said.

With worshippers eventually let out of the building, he added: ‘There was one girl who said she saw two guys run in. Someone else told me the police were chasing them.’

Mr Moulana said he saw two people being detained and put in handcuffs by the police at the mosque.

‘The police just surrounded them. I saw that at around 7pm,’ he added.

The Met tweeted to confirm that the attack was not terror-related.

The whole thing gave that Moslem “the jitters” because he feared someone may be killing Moslems but then it turned out that two Moslems were the ones doing the killing, as usual.

Not sure if sad or funny. Probably both.

Mosques are like Moslem crime headquarters. They’re full of violent sand “people” training to become even more violent and talking about conquest and bloodshed. It’s no wonder those two knife murderers sought refuge there.

What do regular people think Moslems do in Mosques, anyways? That they pray for world peace?

They literally meet to discuss world domination there.

The funny thing is that Moslems are pretty bad at world domination on their own. The only reason they’re in our countries in the first place is because Jews and their puppet politician traitors invited them. The only reason some of their countries are wealthy is because they’re on top of a mountain of petroleum and modern whites were too big of pussies to just go take it from them by force.

If it weren’t for Jews and traitors bringing them in, there would be no Moslems in our countries, so it isn’t immediately clear if we should first remove Moslems or the Jews and the traitors.

Heh. False dilemma.

We can do both at the same time.