Police Restrain Finnish Nationalist So Antifa Can Hit Him

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
December 13, 2016

The Judeo-Left is having a publicity crisis at the moment. All over the world, but especially in Central and Northern Europe, a two-tiered justice system exists where Anarchists/New Leftists are innocent until proven guilty (then released anyway), while nationalists are guilty until proven innocent.

In Scandinavian countries, Jihadists who return after a rape-and-murder spree in Syria are given a vacation and some nice massages, the reputation these nations have of being “humanitarian” thus requires some outsourcing when dealing with the task of stifling genuine political opposition.

In a Nordic Resistance Movement march in Helsinki, Finland, activist Emil Hagberg – who hosts the organization’s radio show – was put in a defenseless position, then brutally beaten.

In an interview with Frihets Kamp, Hagberg said he was dragged away from the rally in handcuffs, then put in the back of a police car. In there next to him was a 300 lb Anarchist who the police “forgot” to handcuff. The Leftist street enforcer of the neo-liberal capitalism proceeded in pummeling the face of Hagberg as Finland’s snow-pigs nearby pretended not to see anything, intervening only a the very last moment.

Here is Hagberg being arrested:

Once the snow-pigs saw his injuries were serious, they uncuffed him and let him go. It is possible that this brutal attack was coordinated by both the Finnish state and the Antifas, as Emil has a high profile within the Nordic Resistance Movement.

Those who believe Scandinavia is some lollipop society full of hugs and teddy bears should note that these countries are rife with brutal but officially hidden political violence, on par with other nations spots where Leftists and Nationalists are fighting hot wars on the street, like Greece or France. The system of Finland and Sweden offers humanitarianism only to genuine murders and rapists, not dissidents.

And while thuggish beatings and torture undertaken by the cops themselves might hurt this fake reputation in the eyes of the public, they have no problem passing the baton to stake-holding free agents riding the coattails of Jewish power in Finland.