Police Pin 10-Year-Old Niglet to the Ground When the Niglet Attacked Them for Arresting His Dad

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
July 31, 2018

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A shocking video has emerged showing two white police officers pinning a 10-year-old black boy to the ground in Georgia and then restraining him, later. The video has caused outrage on social and has sparked an internal police investigation. The incident came to light after the video, which was posted on Facebook on Sunday, by the boy’s cousin Ariel Collins went viral on social media.

The recording shows Eric, 10, who is shirtless, being pinned to the ground by two uniformed police officers. The officers can be seen pinning the 10-year-old to the ground, face down, in a patch of grass as one of the cops twists his arms behind his back while he holds a pair of handcuffs in the other hand.

Collins, in her Facebook post, said that that the child did nothing wrong and was only trying to talk to his father, who was sitting in a police squad car, according to the Daily Mail.

The Athens-Clarke Police Department stated that the officers were present at the scene on Sartain Drive at 6.30pm on Sunday for a domestic violence report and eventually arrested the 10-year-old boy’s father.

The press release from the law enforcement agency read: “Once in custody, the suspect’s 10-year-old child became extremely emotionally distraught. On more than one occasion, the other adults on scene attempted to restrain the child without success.”

“As an officer was walking the suspect to his patrol car, the child attempted to block his path and again had to be removed and restrained by the adult family members,” the release continued.

“As the boy’s dad was being placed in the back of the patrol car, the boy lunged at one of the officers, who caught him ‘mid-air and the momentum of the child launching himself caused the both of them to land on the patrol car,” the statement added.

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