REAL NEWS: Police Arrest 16-Year-Old White Girl for Plotting to Kill Worshipers at Black Church

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
November 20, 2019

Nazi teenage girls sure could use some training and guidance. Preferably from Jesus.

Daily Mail:

A 16-year-old girl has been arrested for attempted murder after authorities unearthed her plan to kill people at a Georgia church because of their race.

The Gainesville Police Department revealed the heinous crime in a press statement released on Tuesday.

They say the girl, who is white, planned to attack Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church, which has a predominately black congregation.

The teen is currently not being named because of her age.

There is precedent of a man successfully shooting a black church, so this young woman being caught before completing her mission proves that the famous glass ceiling feminists talk about so much really exists.

Chief Jay Parrish said: ‘Our investigation indicated the church was targeted by the juvenile based on the racial demographic of the church members.’

‘The church was immediately notified of the incident by Gainesville police to ensure the safety of our community and the current threat was under control.’

On November 15, school administration at Gainesville High School received reports of the unidentified teenager’s plan from several concerned students.

They said the girl kept the details of her murder plot inside a notebook.

Keeping murder plans inside a notebook in school…

Her heart was in the right place but she was betrayed by her dumb female mind.

I’m just joking. If she wanted to help her people and/or if she really dislikes blacks that much, then she should have just found a white man to marry and make babies with.

We don’t need female warriors. We don’t need women to fight.

This isn’t some retarded kike TV show.

We need women to be women, to become mothers and to make beautiful babies.

We need them to be the best moms they can be.

Administrators conducted a preliminary investigation and discovered the notebook.

They then turned the investigation over to the Gainesville Police Department, who took the suspect into custody and notified her parents.

Parrish told WSB-TV that the girl collected knives and had visited the church once, but not one was there.

The girl is charged with criminal attempt to commit murder and is currently at the Regional Youth Detention Center.

Community members are shocked by the brazen attempt to commit such a malicious crime.

Are they shocked because of what she wanted to do or because she is a woman? Because if they’re shocked because she’s a woman, then that’s pretty misogynistic and like, patriarchal and stuff.

It’s well known that women can do anything a man can do.


But since men can’t do everything women can do, there’s really no reason for women to do anything but the one thing that only they are capable of doing.

The one thing that men can’t possibly do.

The one thing that is absolutely fundamental to the survival of a nation.

Women can’t turn rage into fuel like men can. They are not supposed to go on the offensive.

That’s why they’re so horrible at video games. Well, actually there are a lot of reasons for that. But that is one of the reasons.

The best way for them to contribute in a fight is for them to embrace their motherhood instincts, to get out of the way and to obediently follow men.

Men and women have different roles to play.

The Important Part

Jokes and social commentary aside, there is virtually zero chance this was real.

Statistically speaking, there is approximately a 100% certainty it was a fed hoax, like virtually all of these “we got ’em right before he was gonna do the thing.”

The feds get in these chat rooms – Discord, usually, but others as well, including Gab or even Twitter DMs – and trick people into saying things. Then they arrest them, even though they know they weren’t ever going to do anything. Because of their budgets. Because the Jews love this shit. Because they have to keep the heat on, with this fake “white terrorism” bullshit.

I’m sure she probably WAS LARPing. But I very, very seriously doubt it was anything beyond that.

But this is why you don’t LARP.

Read Roosh’s article.

And don’t be retarded. Also, don’t be a woman on the internet.

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