Police and Antifa Attack German Anti-Lockdown Protesters

Big rally in Germany!

Cops attack!


Activists protesting the coronavirus lockdown have organized another ‘silent march’ in Berlin, angering the locals and provoking counter-demonstrations. Police made arrests as they dispersed a blockade on the path of the marchers.

The organizers of the event insist that the “campaign of fear” launched by the government over the Covid-19 pandemic is infringing on their rights and must end. They are aiming for their protest to be as civilized as possible, with participants asked to wear face masks, abide by social distancing rules, and refrain from chanting any political slogans.

Some 5,000 signed up for the event, but the actual attendance was far lower. The column was made up of around 400 coronavirus skeptics when the march began, according to estimates by local media. As such, the police deployed on site actually surpassed the protesters in numbers at that point.

Those in the front row of the march carried a banner bearing the slogan of the movement, reading: “We must talk.” As the procession went on, it was joined by more people. But there was also a counter-protest, as dozens came to show their rejection of the agenda promoted by coronavirus skeptics. “Shame on you!” read one of their banners.

Locals were also unhappy with the event, with people in the windows whistling and banging on pots, making sure the protest would not be silent like the organizers planned. Drivers honked their horns.

A group of counter-protesters also tried to block the route of the march. A dozen young men in black clothes with their faces covered sat on the pavement, locking their hands tight. But the police interfered and dispersed the blockade. The officers acted harshly as they separated people from the group, shoving them and making arrests.

Antifa will literally attack you whenever you question the government.

They literally join forces with the cops to attack people who disagree with the government.

How do people not see they’re working for the government?