Poles Attacked for Saying They Didn’t Do the Holocaust – Jews Claim All Goyim Must Suffer

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 1, 2018

I understand this straining relations with Israel – because the Jews are obsessed with regulating the speech of the entire planet.

But why the US?

Ohhhh right.

Because the US is run by Jews.

I get it now.

New York Post:

Poland’s Senate has backed legislation that will regulate Holocaust speech, a move that has already strained relations with both Israel and the United States.

The bill proposed by Poland’s ruling conservative Law and Justice party and voted for early Thursday could see individuals facing up to three years in prison for intentionally attempting to falsely attribute the crimes of Nazi Germany to the Polish nation as a whole. It was approved by the lower house last week.

Though the bill exempts artistic and research work, it has raised concerns that the Polish state will decide itself what it considers to be historic facts. The bill has already sparked a diplomatic dispute with Israel and drawn calls from the United States for a reconsideration.


The first Holocaust law to ever exempt historical research.

Most Holocaust laws are primarily designed to restrict historical research.

Senators voted 57-23 in favor of the bill with two abstentions. To become law, the bill requires approval from President Andrzej Duda, who supports it.

Poland’s government says it is fighting against the use of phrases like “Polish death camps” to refer to death camps operated by Nazi Germany in occupied Poland during World War II. Poland was among the hardest-hit victims of Nazi Germany and is preserving Holocaust memorials.

Expressing surprise at the storm the legislation has unleashed, the Polish government said it was to issue an explanatory statement later Thursday.

Though Deputy Justice Minister Patryk Jaki suggested Israel had been consulted on the bill and voiced no objections, many in Israel have argued that the move is an attempt to whitewash the role some Poles played in the killing of Jews during World War II.

Halina Birenbaum, a Holocaust survivor and acclaimed Israeli author, called the new law “madness,” telling Israel’s Army Radio it was “ludicrous and disproportionate to what actually happened to Jews there.”

Birenbaum, a member of the International Auschwitz Committee, said she was concerned the Polish government “might arrest me there for what I’m saying now.”

And Israeli Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz said the law constituted “a denial of Poland’s part in the Holocaust of the Jews.” He called on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to immediately recall Israel’s ambassador to Poland for consultation.


So yeah.

The thrust of this is that the Jews want to blame all white people for this alleged historical event, which didn’t actually even happen. The Poles are like “no we agree with you that the Germans are evil, we just don’t want to share the blame” and the Jews are like “all goyim have already been convicted of the lampshades and soap.”

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