Poland: WWII Bomb Explodes Underwater While Poles Try to Disarm It!

Holy heck!

In Poland, they were trying to defuse an underwater bomb and it blew!

It was a British 5,400kg “Tallboy” that was dropped by the RAF in 1945, when the British had declared war on Germany because of the Holocaust. The bomb had been aimed at a German cruiser.

It was discovered deep underwater in September of last year, during a project to deepen a waterway near the port of Szczecin.

Polish Navy divers this week rigged explosives intended to disarm the bomb, but instead the bitch popped!

What a thing to see!

Frankly, the Jews of Britain should have picked it up and dropped it again where it belongs – on Germany!

World War Holocaust won’t be over until every single man with blue eyes is dead, and every single woman with blue eyes is getting railed by a gang of black Africans!

That’s what you get when you mess with the Jews!

Democracy, baby – it’s what’s for dinner!