Poland: Women Go Ape Demanding Unlimited Access to Nonstop Abortions

The two things that white women love more than anything on earth are these:

  1. Black dick
  2. Abortion

If you think there is some kind of underlying relationship between those twin loves, you are a racist.

BBC News:

Thousands of people have blocked roads across Poland on the fifth consecutive day of protests against a court’s near-total ban on abortion.

In the capital Warsaw, protesters blocked the main intersections, stopping cars and trams for about an hour.

Some carried placards with slogans like “I wish I could abort my government”.

The protests are considered unusual in a country where the Roman Catholic Church has great influence.

They follow a ruling by Poland’s Constitutional Court that abortions, even in cases of foetal defects, are illegal.

It means abortion is now only valid in cases of rape or incest, or to protect the mother’s life.

There were blockades in about 50 cities across the country on Monday.

The previous day, protesters disrupted church services and graffiti was sprayed on the walls of Warsaw churches.

This is clearly some kind of big Western-backed psychological operation.

These sluts are going literally ape.

They’ve got their slut-fellows backing them up in London. Of course.

Frankly, women do not need Western string-pullers to be sluts. But the idea of organizing and rioting in the name of abortion in Poland, a country that has no history of this kind of organization – it isn’t believable that this is all just spontaneous. At the very least, it is being organized by foreign groups running the Facebook groups that these women are using to manage their riots.

I suspect that the Jews are involved.