Poland: Woman Gets Fired for Calling Other Women “Pretty”

Daily Stormer
October 11, 2017

The horror… The horror…

Poland… Come on Poland, you’re in eastern Europe, we’re supposed to not be cucks here.

The fuck happened?

Daily Caller:

One of the largest video game industry conferences currently taking place in Poland has become subject to a controversy after its social media manager—and game developer—made a gaffe on Twitter. Her crime? Using the word “pretty” to describe other women.

Announcing a dialog between female game developers, Eve Poznan wrote: “Women in games is about to start! Gamedev ladies, join us and meet the pretty side of #gamedev” with a link to the event.

This is something you can actually lose your job for in CURRENT YEAR! And remember – this didn’t happen in Sweden or Britain or Germany or any of the other Orwellian caricatures in western Europe, this happened in POLAND!

Why aren’t you based anymore Poland?


Some (literal) faggots and cunts twatting on Twatter are enough to scare you now?

Her innocuous tweet was met with immediate fury from transgender game developers like No Man’s Sky’s Innes McKendrick, who assumed Poznan’s gender, and demanded that she “shut the hell up and listens to them.”

This Mckendrick creature is a woman pretending to be a man.

Since this particular type of mental illness is very rare, and the people who have are generally incompetent at anything they do (having what amounts to a form of schizophrenia doesn’t really help you be a good programmer), I’m gonna assume the people running that studio went out of their way to hire this and possibly other affirmative action vermin specifically to increase (((diversity))), which would explain why No Man’s Sky is a piece of shit with low marks on every site it’s sold on – 64% negative reviews on Steam, and 2.5/5 stars on GOG just to mention a couple.

If you feel the need to inform this dumb bitch that she’ll never be a man no matter how hard she pretends, you can do so here.

Other feminists in game development soon piled on, stating that Poznan’s use of the word “pretty” diminished their professional accomplishments.

Yeah, working in human resources and constantly trying to find new ways to be “sexually harassed” into a nice settlement deal isn’t something to be laughed at.

Following the outrage, the conference organizer Jakub Marszałkowski‏ apologized for the incident, stating that “actions were taken for it not to happen ever again. GIC cares for inclusiveness” along a much longer explanation, which revealed the company’s decision to fire Poznan for her tweet.

This is the worst thing that happened in Poland since Hitler invaded and sent most of their vowels to the gas chambers.

You’re going down a very dangerous path, Poland.

This might not seem like a big deal, but all cucking to hysterical subhumans and their Jewish ideologies, no matter how insignificant and isolated it might appear at first, leads only to death and suffering.

And you have to do something about, now while it’s still in it’s early stages.

Remember Sweden used to be quite based too, and not even that long ago.

When they started cucking, it didn’t seem like much, and they did nothing about.

And look where they are now…

Poland in 30 years, if nothing is done