Poland Wants Fort Trump RIGHT NOW, Would Pour Billions Into It

Octavio Rivera
Daily Stormer
September 19, 2018

What you might think of when you hear “Fort Trump.”

Based Poland wants America to lend its might and strengthen Freedom in the region.


Polish President Andrzej Duda asked Trump for a permanent U.S. base during a White House meeting, offering to name it “Fort Trump,” and explaining it would be a bulwark against what he considers a threat from Russia.

We know the real reason though. “Russia” is just the lube to put it in without much resistance from anti-European sectors. Just as America needs voter ID to prevent brown Russian meddling in its elections.

Trump said he agreed with Duda that Moscow had “acted aggressively” in the region and said the request for a base was under consideration. He said he appreciated Duda’s offer to put more than $2 billion into the project.

Poles are pretty serious about Fort Trump. They’re ready to pour billions into it. Makes you wonder why Americans aren’t talking about a local Fort Trump, too.

Once the Wall is complete, and a local Fort Trump is built, the next step will be Trump City.

It will be glorious.

Triumph Square will be at its center, and remind the world about the beauty white people are capable of creating.

“We’re looking at it very seriously, I know Poland likes the idea very much, and it’s something that we are considering, yes,” Trump told reporters.

He can’t say “oh yes we totes wanna do it lol finally white people are uniting”, but that’s what’s happening. I know it, you know it. Everyone knows it.

We’ve got the best Forts, folks.

“It’s not just about a base. It’s about training ranges, it’s about maintenance facilities at the base, all these kinds of things. There’s a host of details we’ve got to study alongside the Poles,” Mattis told reporters at the Pentagon.

That’s right. There are some details to discuss, such as what the new Winged Hussar armor will look like.

But there’s also more serious stuff.

Should we even get involved in this domestic affair? Poland has to make peace with her man.

She needs to stop acting like a bitch. We’re not going to fight her husband for her.

We like her husband.

Great guy.

Big guns, big balls. Strong.

We have to put America first.

Yes, this means a local Fort Trump, of course. But it also means not getting involved in bad deals. Each time a country comes up to us and asks something from us, we should answer with another question.

“What’s in it for America?”