Poland: Thousands Led by International Women’s Rights Group Demand Right to Murder Infants

Some media is reporting “hundreds of thousands” of protesters.

This seems generous.

But it was a lot of people.


New anti-government protests broke out in Polish cities Wednesday, shortly after the country’s top court confirmed its highly divisive ruling that will further tighten the predominantly Catholic nation’s strict anti-abortion law.

The unrest shows growing discontent among many Poles with the right-wing government. Under it the country was seen as a key European ally of former U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration, but has been criticized by European officials for eroding democracy. It remains to be seen what kind of relations it will be able to build with the new U.S. administration.

Opposition parties strongly criticized the move by the Constitutional Tribunal, following which the ruling will come into effect once it’s printed — later Wednesday or early Thursday — in the official government gazette.

Thousands of people gathered outside the court building in Warsaw late Wednesday, responding to calls for new protests by women’s groups that led weeks of massive demonstrations last year against the initial Oct. 22 ruling. Protests were also held in many other cities, under a heavy police presence.

In Warsaw, protesters later marched through the city center to the ruling party’s headquarters with signs of the leading “Women’s Strike” group and pro-LGBT rights rainbow flags. Like in last year’s demonstrations, they defied Poland’s pandemic ban on gatherings.

Notice that it’s again tied to the gay thing, just like in Latin America.

I’m too exhausted to go pull the sources right now, but you can look up this “Women’s Strike” group, and find it’s all George Soros and UN money. Probably also a good amount of money coming in from the US State Department’s various “democracy” funds.

Again, funding and international pressure is all being directed towards empowering dirty women, in any country that still maintains some semblance of a functioning basic mammalian social order.

Earlier this week, we looked at both Puerto Rico and Thailand.

It’s in the Middle East and Africa too – all this women stuff.

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