Poland Pushing for a Full Ban on Anal Parades

As most of the Western world moves forward into primitivism, celebrating the most evil and debased known acts conceivable – namely, man-on-man anal and women’s liberation – one country is moving in the direction of civilization.

And that nation’s name is Poland.

The Independent:

Poland will consider a bill banning LGBT+ Pride parades, after a proposed law was submitted to parliament on Monday with the required number of signatures.

The “Stop LGBT” proposal, which seeks to outlaw public gatherings of the LGBT+ community that “promote” non-heterosexual “sexual orientations”, amassed more than 200,000 signatories, twice the number needed for it to be reviewed by politicians.

Led by the lobby group Life and Family Foundation, the initiative advocates for “the constitutional principle of family protection” while railing against what it deems to be the “homopropaganda” of Pride marches.

On its website, the campaign also accuses these gatherings of promoting “exhibitionism, public scandal, profanation, provocations, insults of Catholic symbols, clergy and lay faithful, ridicule of the emblem, flag and other national symbols”.

The petition comes amid a rise in hate and violence against Poland’s LGBT+ community in recent years,  under the Catholic country’s right-wing Law and Justice Party (PiS) government.

Oh, the poor faggots, getting beaten up for targeting young boys.

Let me get out my tiny violin and play it for these predatory anal psychopaths!

The saddest fact is that as long as Poland remains attached to the European Union, they are going to be able to send in savage provocateurs to stir up anal and vaginal riots against God and Christ.

We saw this with the abortion ban. Outside influence led to mass riots, and the Polish government eventually had to table the ban (hopefully temporarily).

If Poland wants a Christian civilization, they are going to have to be able to stand up to American and German intelligence operations against their nation. The only way to do that is through blatant and aggressive authoritarianism.

They cannot use authoritarianism whilst they are attached to the EU.

That is why Poland needs to get over their daddy issues with Russia, and move in that direction.

You notice that Belarus managed to weather a CIA onslaught. They are the only nation in recent memory to do that, save for Syria.

Russia is a superpower, and they have the ability to defend smaller nations who seek to implement civilization against the rising tide of absolute barbarism pushed by the Jewish-dominated Western world.

The Catholic Church isn’t going to protect Poland, I can tell you that. The satanic anti-pope is now openly saying that analist couples should be allowed to kidnap and rape children.

This entire democracy project has gone off the rails, and the only salvation is strict patriarchal authority.