Poland: Jews Whine About Soccer Hatred, Demand Arrests

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 1, 2016


Why does everyone in the world hate you, Jews????

What did you do????

Jerusalem Post:

A group of soccer hooligans in Poland torched effigies representing Jews and displayed banners calling for Jews to be burned in a shocking display during a match last Friday, according to local media reports and a global anti-Semitism watchdog.

The incident occurred when dozens of fans supporting the Widzew Łódź side rallied against the town rival ŁKS Łódź, which is often derided as “Jewish” by opposing teams’ fans, in a similar fashion that the British team Tottenham Hotspur is regarded.

The rally took place ahead of the derby match at a local train station in the central Polish city that used to boast a large Jewish population prior to WWII.

According to a weekend report by the Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism, the demonstrators at the rally unfurled a banner printed with the slogan “19.08, today the Jews were named,” in reference to the year ŁKS Łódź was established.

“Let them burn, motherf***ers,” continued the banner’s illicit message.

The report noted that images taken at the event showed the ruffians igniting strung-up effigies donned in attire apparently representative of Orthodox Jews.

However, in 2014, a Polish municipal prosecutor in Poznań ruled that chants by soccer fans are not deemed criminal offenses.

Following the decision, European Jewish Congress President Moshe Kantor condemned the reaction of authorities in the face of the offensive, prejudicial actions of soccer fans.

“Unfortunately, extreme anti-Semitic chants like those in Poznan are regularly heard in many European stadiums, including in England and Holland, and the reaction of the authorities is minimal,” CNN quoted him as saying.

It is glorious to watch the Jews running themselves into the ground.

These people have no capacity for self-reflection and the situational analysis capacity of an autist. At the same time, they are too haughty to take anyone’s advice. So they are just going to keep whining about how everyone in the entire world hates them, while at the same time claiming that there is no reason for it.

Imagine an individual man coming up to you and saying “everyone in the world hates me” and you ask him why and he says “because there is something wrong with all of them. They are driven by hatred for me for no reason.”

You would say “well, I know a lot of the people in the world, and they don’t all hate me. So it must be something about your behavior that has caused everyone in the world to hate you.”

The man then responds “you’re one of them! You’re a hater! Oh, I’ll get you, you’re going on the list! I’m monitoring you!”

Would you feel sympathy for him? Based on a claim that his ancestors were killed in a gas chamber?

Of course not. You’d want as far away from his as possible.

The Jews are outing themselves by constantly drawing attention to anti-Semitism and claiming people should be thrown in prison for disliking them. They are doing our work for us.

Moshe Kantor is doing more to increase international hatred of Jews than the Daily Stormer ever could.