Poland: Jew Soros Buys Large Media Group Just Because

Daily Stormer
February 24, 2019

Noticing Jewish dominance over the media is just a canard.

We stupid goyim just can’t compete with that Jewish work ethic and high Ashkenazal IQ.


Polish efforts to reduce foreign ownership of the country’s media have been dealt a blow, as organisations linked to globalist financier George Soros took control of a major radio group.

Agora SA, Poland’s largest publicly-traded publisher, which was “shored up” financially by the Hungarian-born billionaire in 2016 amidst sinking sales of its globalist flagship daily, Gazeta Wyborcza, on Wednesday announced it had agreed to buy a 40 per cent share in Eurozet, a media company which owns several radio stations.

The remaining 60 per cent stake in the group, whose assets include the country’s second largest station, Radio ZET, will be held by SFS Ventures, part of Soros’ Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF).

Things like cycling, medieval studies and baseball can be “unbearably White,” but your media can never be too Jewish.

With Agora’s presence on the news and entertainment landscape in Poland already huge, as the owner of dozens of properties and titles including Metro — the third most read daily and the country’s only free nationwide newspaper — the government sounded the alarm over media plurality when Soros’ interest in buying the Eurozet was flagged last month.

“The Polish state has to do everything it can to prevent market speculators from increasing their influence on the media market,” said Beata Mazurek, spokesman for Poland’s patriotic ruling party, Law & Justice (PiS), tweeting in January.

Isn’t “market speculators” an anti-Semitic dog whistle?

Because I’m quite certain that saying Jews are influential in the financial industry is an anti-Semitic canard and perhaps even an anti-Semitic trope.

After looking into its options, however, Deputy Culture Minister Pawel Lewandowski lamented that the government lacked tools for analysing “concentration on the media market with multiple platforms [or which could] measure concentration on the market of ideas”, with regards to the cross-market holdings of groups.

Since its election to power in 2015, PiS has advocated the country’s news companies should be in Polish hands, with Senate Speaker Stanislaw Karczewski remarking in November that foreign ownership “isn’t healthy”.

“I’m in favor of re-Polonization of the media, banks and other institutions, which should be majority-owned by Poles,” he told Rzeczpospolita daily, adding: “In the U.S., there’s no French or German television providing news on U.S. matters.”

Then do it… Just put a law that bans foreign ownership of the media.

You’re in power, you have a majority of the parliament and popular support for measures like this, so what’s stopping you?

Jewish media control in Europe is something you hear less about than the control over the media they have in America because it’s more subtle.

While there are large Jewish media trusts, like the Bonnier Group, which covers most of northern Europe, or CME, which was founded by the Jew Lauder and then passed on to the Jews from Warner and which controls multiple large media outlets in south-central and south-eastern Europe, most of the Jewish media control in Europe is done by governments, through heavy regulation and subsidies.

Jews are, of course, vastly overrepresented as “journalists,” especially in Britain, but overall there’s not enough of them on the continent to have the same kind of grip they do in the US because most of them were turned into lampshades and soap emigrated to Israel or America after WWII.

No country in Europe has any freedom of speech, so the government can basically just put you in prison for anything their kosher overlords say is “hatred” or “fascism” or whatever.

The US, on the other hand, has that pesky 1st Amendment thing that was put there by the White supremacists who founded America so they can oppress blacks, Indians, Irish and other non-Whites by hurting their feelings, so the kikes have to take a more hands-on approach there.