Poland: IKEA Manager Faces Two Years in Jail After Firing Employee Who Quoted Bible About Homosexuality

IKEA is the number one company promoting gay shit in their ads. No wonder people show up at their stores to masturbate.

If you set up a business in a religious country and hire locals, and the local religion doesn’t like a thing, sooner or later one of them is going to come out and cite religious teachings about why they don’t like the thing.

That is just something that is going to happen.


An IKEA HR manager has been charged in Poland with violating the religious rights of a Bible-citing employee, who was fired after refusing to endorse a pro-LGBT event. Now, the manager could end up behind bars.

The Warsaw-Praga District Prosecutor’s Office has decided to press charges against the manager, whose identity has not been revealed, arguing that this person has infringed upon an employee’s rights on the basis of religion. The decision to sack the employee was based on “arbitrary assessment and prejudice” toward a man expressing “Christian” views, it added. Now, this person could face anything between a fine and a two-year prison sentence.

The controversy dates back to last June when the Swedish furniture and home goods store decided to delve into the public debate on LGBT rights in Poland and express solidarity with LGBT people by staging an event in support of the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia.

The company also called on their local staff to show solidarity with the LGBT people as well as participate in the event. The idea did not sit well with a man identified as Tomasz K., who decided to raise his objections in the corporate chat. According to some media reports, the Catholic cited some particular Bible verses allegedly stating that homosexuals deserve death and “their blood is upon them” to somehow prove his point.

That was enough for the company’s management to fire him, arguing that they had to react to a “risk of breach of dignity of other employees.” The prosecutors, however, dismissed IKEA’s argument by saying that Tomasz K’s words were not an “attack on a specific person from among his colleagues, but a response to the employer’s action.”

Now, IKEA has sent a short statement to AP vowing to “provide all the help and support to our charged co-worker.”

The Polish Catholic Church also weighed in on the standoff between IKEA and the Polish conservatives, criticizing the Swedish retailer. The Church added that it had received “disturbing signals” about “attempts by other companies to propagate LGBT ideology” with the support of some “foreign activists.”

If these Swedes were really all about diversity and tolerance and so on, they could just throw their Swedish rainbow parties and if people didn’t want to go, they could not go. But that is clearly not what they are all about.

I hate to use this trope, but these progressives are really not very tolerant, are they?

I remember, not very long ago, the progressive argument was just, “oh, they’re different, if you don’t like it, don’t do it, just leave them alone, it’s not your problem.”

This was a good argument. There is a very long list of things that are not my problem, including human trafficking in Nepal and Crohn’s disease, and there is always more room on the list. I like it when other people’s problems are not my problem, and so do most people.

But boy, did this very quickly become my problem and the problem of any normal person, who now gets fired from their jobs if they don’t wear the pin, bake the cake, wave the flag, etc., with a smile.

There’s just no escaping it. You can’t even work for a furniture store these days – you have to pay tribute to Big Gay.