Poland Defends Itself from Army of Migrants Sent at Them by Belarus

Belarus is trying to hurt Europe with their own greatest strength.

Talk about judo…!


Hundreds of migrants attempting to seek asylum in the EU have set up tents and campfires in the no-man’s-land along the border between Belarus and Poland, with Warsaw deploying guards to stop them from crossing.

Aerial footage from the frontier showed smoke rising from dozens of campfires and tents popping up in the forest, as lines of Polish police and what looked like the military gathered on the other side.

Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Błaszczak said more than 12,000 soldiers had been deployed to the border.

After Brussels imposed sanctions on Belarus in June, citing “human rights” violations and an alleged lack of democracy, Minsk responded by saying it would no longer stop migrants transiting through the country on their way to the EU.

I just can’t understand why Poland doesn’t want these migrants, as they will enrich their culture with vibrancy and help build their economy by working in high tech.

That racist cunt Ursula is even saying she wants to send them back!

She wants to punish Belarus for doing nothing but trying to make the EU stronger and more vibrant!

These are human beings, and Ursula von der Leyen is literally no different than Adolf Hitler or Donald Trump.

These people have a right to live in Germany on welfare.

That is the values of democracy and human rights and it’s who we are.

Let them in, Ursula, you Nazi bitch!