Poland: Based Soldier of Christ Catholic Boy Stands Up to the Gay!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 13, 2019

Not all heroes wear capes.

Some of them are Zoomers who wear hoodies.

It is heartening to see a young man out there, standing up to the Fifth Column encroaching on his country. Sights like this are very rare in the West.

CNS News:

Jakub Baryla, a 15-year-old Catholic boy in Poland, stood with a large crucifix and rosary to block an LGBT Pride march on Saturday, and eventually was forcibly removed by the police. Baryla later said that Jesus “stood against evil and sins” and that “our holy faith commands us to counteract evil deeds.”

Baryla also said he was not opposing the people in the march but was “going against the bad deeds that are promoting homosexuality.” Poland is a strongly Catholic country. Marriage is legally defined as being between one man and one woman and so-called gay marriage is not recognized.

The Gay has been weaponized and now, even based Polacks have to stand up to militarized police who will sodomize heterosexuals with their police batons until they no longer have the will to resist the Homo Occupation Government.

The cop on the left man-handling the boy is a chick. Very disrespectful.

The boy had a very legitimate grievance against the protestors.

As reported by Church Militant and other media, Baryla said he was inspired to stand with a cross against the LGBT marchers in the way that Fr. Ignacy Skorupko stood with Polish soldiers against the communist Bolsheviks in August 1920. Baryla added that he was highly motivated to take action after he saw a blasphemous, gay-rainbow depiction of the Virgin Mary being carried by the homosexual activists.

Why is this allowed? 

Imagine, if you will, for one second, Allah being desecrated with rainbow colors like the Virgin Mary is by that disgusting-looking bald weirdo.

That would not be allowed. That would be considered supremely disrespectful. And yet, the police defends the right of these freaks to desecrate the Catholic faith, even in some middling town in Poland that’s barely on the map with only 100,000 residents. It’s one thing to allow the freaks free reign in your capital; we already see that everywhere in the West. But why push so deep into the hinterland like this?

The Gay will not stop at just one gay bar, or one trendy block downtown or just one city, or just all the big cities… it will spread everywhere, even into your toddler’s preschool’s storytime hour.

On a related note, Roosh’s “Babylon Road” video series chronicling the decay of America really opened my eyes to how quickly The Gay has managed to conquer even small-town America.

I always had this hope that places in America’s midwest like Ohio or Michigan or Minnesota were still based and red-pilled. The video evidence seems to indicate that they are not. Meanwhile, in Poland, the state is forcing the dildo of tolerance on the people with the help of armed black dildo-wielding riot police because there is still resistance to Globo-Homo there.

I am heartened by the resistance shown by this young man.

Perhaps he will inspire others to action.