Poland: 3 Arrested for Hurting Jew Feelings at Independence Day Rally

Our democracy cannot possibly survive if people are allowed to say mean things about the Jews.

Our values is that Jews are above criticism. Nothing they do can ever be questioned, because of the Holocaust.

That’s who we are.

It’s just as much who we are – and our values – as menstruating men.

If we didn’t have Jews, and if we didn’t make it illegal to question those Jews, we would not have menstruating men.

And then, what would be our values?

What would be our who we are?


Three people have been arrested over an anti-Semitic demonstration in Poland last week, the country’s interior minister said Monday.

The demonstration took place last Thursday, on Poland’s Independence Day, in the central Polish city of Kalisz. Participants shouted anti-Semitic chants and also burned a copy of a medieval document that offered Jews protection and rights in Polish lands.

Poland’s Jewish community said in a statement Monday that Polish Jews “have not experienced such contempt and hatred expressed in public for years”.

“Poland is our homeland. We are both Jews and Poles. We are asking, however, why our right to regard Poland as our home is being questioned ever more often and ever more openly?” the Union of Jewish Religious Communities said.

Interior Minister Mariusz Kaminski announced the arrests on Twitter, saying “there is no consent to anti-Semitism and hatred based on nationality, religion or ethnicity.

Well, I don’t consent to that.

“In the face of the organisers of the disgraceful event in Kalisz, the Polish state must show its ruthlessness and determination,” Kaminski said.

Polish authorities have faced questions as to why it took so long to make the arrests, given that the incident was widely reported in Poland.

The public expression of hatred occurred on a holiday celebrating Poland’s statehood, a day which in recent years has been overshadowed by far-right groups.

The Jewish community statement noted that Polish state and local governments have been “giving up their role as the main organiser of Independence Day celebrations, thus letting the initiative be taken over by extreme right-wing organisations that use public assemblies to preach antisemitic, xenophobic, and homophobic words.”

“Unfortunately, some of these organisations benefit from public funding,” it said.

Polish President Andrzej Duda strongly condemned the antisemitic incident on Sunday, while people in the city of Kalisz held a demonstration Sunday under the slogan “Kalisz — free from fascism.”

Here’s an old clip of Poles doing something else evil.

Thankfully, the brave leader Andrzej Duda continues to protect the Jews from people disagreeing with them, or claiming that it is possible for Jews to ever be wrong about anything or do anything wrong, ever.

Whenever you think about the Jews, or think about questioning the Jews, always just remember Anne Frank, an innocent girl who died of typhus while being gassed to death by evil white Christians.

It’s easy to remember Anne Frank when you know that the song “You Wreck Me” was written about her. Tom Petty wrote the song while reading Anne Frank’s uncensored diary, written by her father. He told Rolling Stone when he got to the part about Anne masturbating, it “wrecked him.”

If you need more: Tom Petty’s “The Waiting” is about Anne Frank masturbating.