/pol/ Beats YouTube: Anti-Migrant Documentary Back Up

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 14, 2015

Original video is back up – spam this one instead of any of the mirrors as long as it stays up, we’re working on the view count (it’s up 250,000 since it was restored half a day ago).

The on-it’s-way-to-viral anti-migrant documentary created by the heroic forces of /pol/ was removed from YouTube yesterday by terrorist kikes.

“[Merlin] ICON,” a copyright fraud organization run by filthy Christ-killers, had filed a complaint and the Jews of YouTube went along with the charade.

Meet the Merlin team!
Meet the Merlin team!

However, after /pol/ and this website pushed back, and demanded an explanation for why they had pulled the video, asking that if a musical track had been violated that it be specified so that the video could be edited and reuploaded, YouTube decided to just put the film back up as it was. Defending the censorship of a politically controversial film based on the claims of a known Jewish fraud factory was going to result in more heat than they were willing to feel.

We Have the Power

By the Power of Totenkopf...
By the Power of Totenkopf…

The video itself is a monumental coup, but beating YouTube is almost bigger. We now have the power to push back against those attempting to shut us down. And that is fantastic.

A year ago, a video of this nature gaining traction would have simply been deleted by YouTube outright, without the fake copyright claim, simply claiming that it was “hateful” (projecting emotional content and/or emotional motive behind content). This time, they didn’t try that, and instead a group of Jews tried to use Jewish legalism against it. The Jews were identified, and surrender came quickly.

Revel in it.
Revel in it.

Part of this was the fact that it went mainstream (posted on Breitbart) and certainly part of why it did go mainstream is that it was so well-produced. At the same time, we now have numbers and organization on such a level that we can exert pressure. Silencing the video would have led not only to complaints, but more news articles which would then draw even more attention to the video and scrutiny of YouTube’s lack of freedom.

“Shut it down” is only effective when you can silently shut it down. When your shutting it down brings attention, it has the opposite of the intended effect.

We won big here.

The Jews can gnash their teeth and tear their clothes, but we are going to keep on winning.

Who's awesome? You're awesome.
Who’s awesome? You’re awesome.

Remember, if you have Bitcoin already, give some to Gex, the video’s producer. If you don’t have Bitcoin, buy some and send it to him.


We need this guy working full time.

Following the Paris attack, we can be certain they aren’t going to mess with this video again. Also certain is that in the wake of this attack, there are going to be a lot more people interested in this information.

So spam it everywhere you can.

Official directive from troll command: Spam this video.

Hail Victory.


Michelle Bachmann tweeted this video lol.

How long until the media starts asking about the Spectre clip at the end, I wonder?