Podesta Lawyer Sends Cease-and-Desist to Journalists Who Reported Russia Ties

Daily Stormer
March 30, 2017


Oh, the liberals and Jews aren’t happy about this story.

Not happy at all.

In their hour of “triumph,” when they were dog-piling on Trump with this “Russian hacking” fake news gibberish, it’s revealed that their boy Podesta (and thus Clinton and Obama) have deep Russian ties.

It’s pretty telling that they’re sending out legalese letters before presenting evidence that the story is wrong.

News Max:

John Podesta, the former campaign manager for Hillary Clinton, sent a stern cease-and-desist letter to The Daily Caller over its report about his alleged non-disclosure of stock shares from a Russia-financed company.

The letter was directed to The Daily Caller publisher Neil Patel by Podesta’s lawyer, Marc Elias, who tweeted out its contents.

The letter takes aim at The Daily Caller’s exclusive posted last Sunday that reported Podesta might have violated federal law by failing to disclose 75,000 stock shares: “EXCLUSIVE: John Podesta May Have Violated Federal Law By Not Disclosing 75,000 Stock Shares.”

Well, that’s not even the important part. Even if he had disclosed the stock shares, that would have been a minor point of legality. The issue is that the company in question received 35 million dollars from the Kremlin while Podesta was and advisor serving in the Obama administration, under Hillary Clinton.

Elias called the report “entirely false,” and said Podesta did nothing wrong.

He dindu nuffin!

The letter demands the Daily Caller “immediately cease publication of these false and libelous claims.” It also demands that a correction to the story be published, clarifying that Podesta met his financial obligations.

Yeah, nothing about receiving money from the Kremlin though. Hmmm…

The funniest part of this, though, is that the Podesta people are really panicking about this. They rushed this letter out without making even the most rudimentary checks…

Washington Examiner:

In a tweet posted late Wednesday, Podesta shared the letter and took a shot at President Trump. “False stories about me can’t cover up Trump’s growing Russia problem,” he said.

The Daily Caller’s article is still live at this time without any corrections. An issue Podesta and his legal team might run into, the Washington Examiner’s Alex Pappas points out, is that the letter was sent to the wrong address.


They sent it to the wrong address!

This whole thing is delicious. Apparently, the Daily Caller don’t think their article is factually wrong, either, since they haven’t (as of writing this) removed the story from their website.

Either way, this is excellent. The more these people scream out in indignation and attack the people releasing the information, the bigger the splash this story will have.