Please Stop Using Discord. The SPLC is Monitoring You.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 18, 2018

I have decided that the Discord App is potentially very dangerous. It may be collecting private data and selling it to our enemies.

I think we should all stop using it.


A couple of weeks before Charlottesville, I saw a video on YouTube going through the ToS of Discord (which has since been reworded), showing that they are collecting and “reserving the right” to sell any and all private data that you include on this app. They even reserve the right to scrape any apps you connect to Discord, and sell that information.

The video also included the fact that Jason Citron, founder of Discord, had previously founded a company called OpenFeint, which was sued for extreme privacy abuses – illegally harvesting and selling data.

From Courthouse News, June of 2011:

The OpenFeint mobile gaming network collected data and personal information from its users’ cellphone-linked profiles and sold the information to Internet application developers, according to a federal class action.

Lead plaintiff Matthew Hines claims Openfeint accessed, monitored and stored the unique device identifiers for mobile devices along with personally identifiable information such as a user’s exact GPS location, Internet browsing history and Facebook and Twitter profiles.

OpenFeint’s business plan included accessing and disclosing personal information without authorization to mobile-device application developers, advertising networks and web-analytic vendors that market mobile applications, according to the complaint. The company acquired such information covertly, without adequate notice or consent, involving 100 million consumer mobile devices.

The video suggests that Discord is doing the exact same thing.

All types of other people have reported problems and potential problems with Discord.

Read this Tom’s Guide article on it.

Watch this other video.

The app has had tens of millions of dollars invested in it, and doesn’t have any ads. It makes perfect sense that they, like Facebook, are in the business of selling data.

Post-Charlottesville Fallout

After Charlottesville, the Daily Stormer’s Discord room was banned after being reported by the alleged free speech activist, doxer, accused sexual predator and Jew Laura Loomer.

Then, there was a series of massive server “leaks.”

The Charlottesville planning server was leaked, even though it was highly secure and no one could figure out who could have leaked it.

After having thought about it – and even having promoted the service myself – I began to view the app as very dangerous, and have repeatedly speculated that they might be giving over private chatlogs to “buyers.”

I stopped using it, completely, and told everyone else to do so.

Since then, servers have been repeatedly leaked. People have been doxed without being able to figure out how they were doxed.

Repeatedly and consistently, I have been given reason to believe that these are not Discord “leaks,” but data being bought by our enemies.

This Daily Beast Article

This week, the top Jewess covering the Alt-Right for the Daily Beast, Kelly Weill, wrote a piece talking about the SPLC and other “antifascists” tracking Discord servers to “out” the Nazis.

Daily Beast:

Discord is a free voice and text app with invite-only chat rooms, but those private servers quickly found a new fanbase with hate groups, who wanted to discuss plans in secret. After white supremacist groups were revealed to have used Discord to plan the deadly Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, last year, Discord started banning those groups en masse. But purging hate from the private chat rooms is no easy task.

In early April, the media collective Unicorn Riot leaked more than a year of Discord logs leaked from the now-defunct neo-Nazi group The Traditionalist Worker Party. The leaked logs showed the TWP’s dramatic implosion after an affair and alleged assault among the party’s leaders in March. The chat logs also show a splinter group of former TWP members starting their own Discord chat room to discuss launching a new white supremacist group.

The chat logs were the latest in a series of leaked messages from neo-Nazi Discord chat rooms, called “servers.” But those servers shouldn’t have been online at all. After the Unite the Right rally, Discord shut down chat rooms associated with the rally and announced “action against white supremacy, Nazi ideology, and all forms of hate.”

So why were they on there then?

Obviously, it wouldn’t be hard to use a keyword search to find them.


There are still a bunch of PUBLIC Discord rooms which ADVERTISE themselves as Alt-Right rooms.

Why are they allowing this to stay, unless they want it on there to collect data?

And that would certainly be a much more aggressive and effective “action against white supremacy” than just banning everyone, wouldn’t it then?

And look at what we’ve got here:

Discord told The Daily Beast it has also begun working with the Southern Poverty Law Center to combat hate groups on the platform, although it did not specify the details of the arrangement.

Working with the SPLC… and refusing to provide details… while allowing open and public “white supremacist” chat rooms to operate with impunity.

Really makes you wonder.

“Although some far-right extremists continue to return to the platform, Discord’s decision to ban the most well-known communities has deprived them of a place to openly organize, plan, and promote their poisonous ideologies,” Heidi Beirich, director of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Project, said in a statement. “Discord’s pledge to continue to combat extremist organizing on their platform is critical. This fight is not going to end tomorrow. Other tech companies who struggle with these same issues should know it’s always the right policy decision to reject organized hatred.

Again, I want to make this perfectly clear: I’m not going to link them, but I could pull up at least five Discord chat rooms which are publicly available and have hundreds of members and are filled with Alt-Right content at least as extreme as anything on the Daily Stormer.

And Heidi’s response is totally different than her normal response when asked about internet censorship: generally, her default position is “they’re not doing enough.”

But Discord is doing great she says.

Ryan Lenz also gave comment to the Daily Beast, apparently mocking us.

“I think the alt-right has relied on Discord as a means of communication across distances, with the expectation that what’s happening, or what they can talk about is secure,” Ryan Lenz, a senior investigative reporter with the Southern Poverty Law Center, told The Daily Beast.

“I think time and time again, especially in the aftermath of Charlottesville, we’ve seen that Discord is not as secure as the alt-right thought it would be,” Lenz said, “and that many of their unsavory ideas or true intentions have been laid bare by leaks and otherwise communications on the platform.”

“Leaks and otherwise.”

What is the “otherwise” of that sentence?

What are even the options for what it could be?

I believe we’ve been had, friends.

Antifa Says They Have 50-60 More Servers to Release

This week on an antifa podcast called “Solecast,” an antifa figure from Unicorn Riot claimed that he has 50-60 Discord servers of Alt-Righters that he is presently combing through.

Here’s that clip.

They are obsessed with doxing, because they have no arguments and what the hell else are they going to do. Massive amounts of resources are being poured into this.

What I Think

I think Discord is using keyword software to access private chats inside of the app, selling all of the information directly to the SPLC, which is both compiling databases of whatever private information they are able to gather on political dissidents – which would include but not be limited to IP addresses, email addresses and any other personal information which is entered into the app or said in a chat.

They might even be selling passwords, meaning if you are using the same password for your Discord account as the email account you signed up for it with, they could breach that as well.

I think they have given the SPLC real time access to chats on these servers, as well as the PMs of the members of the servers.

Certainly, the SPLC has the money to pay for that.

I think that Daily Stormer was banned by the company right after Charlottesville and then the SPLC called them up and was like “hey, slow down on the banning – let’s work out a deal here, because we’d really like the IPs, emails and internal communications of these groups and we saw the ToS they agreed to when they signed up for their services and it looks like you can give us that.”

And I think personally that they’re going beyond simply monitoring the Alt-Right.

I think the SPLC and other groups are building databases of even normie r/The_Donald-tier Trump supporters.

I believe it is more likely than not that every single individual who has ever posted a Pepe or MAGA meme on the service now has their IP and email address, as well as all of their public and private posts on the app, stored in a database.

It sucks to admit that.

But that is what I think is probably happening.


The first thing that needs to be done is that everyone needs to get the hell off of Discord.

Delete your account, figure out how to remove the software from your computer.

You should have already been using a VPN and hopefully you were.

Then, my recommended replacement is Telegram.

It does require a phone number, but you can either buy a burner phone or get a Google Phone number for free.

Telegram allows you to have large “channels” with lots of options for meme posting and the ability for custom emoticons. It is great software. You can also keep things private.

There is a phone app and a desktop app, both of which are very polished.

It also allows “secret chats” with end-to-end encryption.

They just refused to give their encryption keys to the Russian government, and got banned in the entire country (using some pretty extreme means) for it. So the secret encrypted chats are safe. The channels and non end-to-end chats are not that safe, but they’re hella safer than Discord.

The only real feature you’re going to miss is the group phone call feature. You can do one-on-one phone calls, but not group. Yet.

Please Note: Regular chats on Telegram are NOT encrypted and it should NOT be used for anything you want to be super-secure. You should not put your real name on the service. And you should not use your real phone number. You should still use a VPN. This is only intended to be an alternative to Discord that is easy and at least significantly safer, not some kind of ultimate solution to online privacy.

For higher levels of privacy, you should use Signal, which is a lot more secure than Telegram, as all communication on it is end-to-end encrypted by default.

Are You Already Screwed Tho?

I can foresee the question everyone is going to be asking themselves, which is: is it already too late?

And the big answer to that is of course “no, it is never too late to increase your opsec.”

But is it already too late to prevent the SPLC from getting a bunch of private information on you?

If you used it anonymously, with a fake email, didn’t consider any of the chats “secure,” and in particular if you used a VPN, then you probably don’t have a whole lot to worry about.

If you didn’t do any of that, then the SPLC file on you is probably a lot bigger.

But again, whatever the case, I am recommending in the strongest terms that you drop this app immediately.

This stuff is serious. We cannot be casual about this. Even if you don’t care about your own dox, when you behave casually, you encourage others to do the same.

And every time a doxing happens, the Alt-Right is further demoralized.

We don’t need any more of this.

We need to be smarter.