Please Remain Inside Your Protective Pod, You are Entering the Virus Zone

Welcome to the domain of Virus, traveler.

This here is the virus zone. It is the public space people use to get from one safe zone to another. You have to wear your protective pod at all times. Your protective pod is your outdoor protective gear par excellence. It is your last line of defense against viruses, bacteria, and Doom. Even though its protection is strong, in order to ensure a smooth, safe travel, you must stay away from people as much as humanly possible, ignore strangers, and mind your own business.

Once you arrive in virus-free safe zones, you have to wear your indoor protective gear.

The visor keeps coughs, sneezes, and saliva droplets from reaching your eyes and skin, and the face mask ensures that you won’t be breathing out much of the nasty stuff. This combination offers great synergistic protection while allowing humans to sit, move their arms, and perform other human mechanical movements that are impossible to perform inside protective pods.

But there’s a trade-off.

Indoor protective gear isn’t as effective as outdoor protective gear, and consequently, humans must practice proper social distancing during their indoor time.

Little humans have learned to play while standing still in their designated individual play areas, which are scientifically designed to prevent people from exchanging viruses.

We are aware that people from your time used to have what was known as “physical contact,” and that people often invaded the personal antiviral-buffer space of others, which is why people used to get sick and die, and why humans needed to reproduce in order to keep the human species from going extinct.

But we’ve moved past that. Viruses are no longer killing people, and we don’t need people to make new miniature people anymore. The human species is safe. We have succeeded.

We’ve figured out what works.

Now you understand what you must go through and why.

Now you understand why all of your rights had to be taken away.

It was always for your own good.