Please, Jake – We Want to See You Beat Up a Woman

Somebody please go tell Jake to think this through.

We need to see him beat this woman.


YouTuber Jake Paul says fighting women’s UFC icon Amanda Nunes would be a “waste of time” and the promotion must allow a fight between him and Conor McGregor because it needs the $50 million on offer.

Paul has been angling for his next opponent since knocking out former NBA star Nate Robinson in the second round of their fight on the undercard of the Mike Tyson versus Roy Jones Jr event in November.

That was Paul’s second victory in two official boxing bouts – and the 23-year-old now has his sights trained on a big name from the world of MMA for his next dance partner in the ring.

Some of the names thrown around so far include retired former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping, ex-welterweight contender Ben Askren and Bellator MMA fighter Dillon Danis – a friend and training partner of former two-weight UFC king Conor McGregor.

UFC boss Dana White, meanwhile, has said he could unleash Brazilian women’s two-weight queen Amanda Nunes on Paul, saying: “’I’m thinking of letting [her] knock his a** out.”

Nunes has since said she was up for a cross-gender contest, tweeting “I’m in!”.

But Paul – who last week taunted members of the MMA world including White and McGregor in a savage satire clip – has repeated that his goal is a lucrative showdown with McGregor, claiming again that he had a guaranteed $50 million offer on the table.

“I wouldn’t fight her,” Paul told TMZ when asked about a fight with Nunes. “Waste of time. No one knows who she is.

“Yeah [she’s the greatest female fighter of all time], but she has 1 million followers on Instagram, sh*t engagement.

“There’s not a lot of hype there. Plus, there’s no history.”

You don’t understand, Jake!

The world wants to see you beat up a woman, legally! No one gets this kind of opportunity!

Obviously, the woman would be able to drum up more hype than McGregor, who is only famous because he used to be famous.

Anyway, she’s going to be billed as “the greatest female fighter of all time” – no one has to know who she is. Everyone on earth has been waiting for some man to come and knock out one of these “great female fighters,” because the concept is disgusting and offensive. Any male-on-female fight would be the most hyped fight of all time.

Get on it, Jake.

The people stand with you and your goofy Soundcloud rapper tattoos against the forces of sluttery.

Will you become the hero you were destined to be?