Please be True! US Airports About Ready to Finally Fire Disgusting Brown Border Guards!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 30, 2018

I needed some White Pill news today, so I did some digging to find this:

Biometric scanners are being rolled out just in time for the holiday travel season!

Now, these scanners do makes me a little uneasy, I must admit. But they sure beat having to deal with the freaks who work at American airports nowadays. 

USA Today:

Delta says the Atlanta airport’s Terminal F has become the “first biometric terminal” in the United States where passengers can use facial recognition technology “from curb to gate.”

And Delta has already announced plans to offer the technology at another of its hubs: Detroit.

In Atlanta, Delta has been rolling out biometric features gradually since October. Now, starting on Dec. 1, all Delta passengers traveling on flights to international destinations will be able to take advantage of the biometric options for all parts of their journey when departing from the airport’s Terminal F.

“We’re removing the need for a customer checking a bag to present their passport up to four times per departure – which means we’re giving customers the option of moving through the airport with one less thing to worry about, while empowering our employees with more time for meaningful interactions with customers,” Gil West, Delta’s COO, said in a statement touting the airline’s effort to outfit Terminal F with the biometric technology.

The option also will be available to international passengers flying nonstop from Atlanta on Delta’s partner airlines Aeromexico, Air France-KLM or Virgin Atlantic.

First and foremost, the benefit of not having to deal with Somalis and Pakis and Blacks at customs and at the TSA checkpoints is definitely a huge plus.

It’s gotten really bad.

These New (and improved) Americans harass you at the border as part of the routine now, just giving you a hard time for no reason whatsoever. 

If a computer can just scan my face and play a 64 bit American anthem as the doors swing the doors open to let me walk back across the border, I would vastly prefer that to having to deal with brown people lording it over me.

Travel around a bit and you’ll notice that other countries take their borders seriously and staff them with serious-looking people. As bad as things are in Continental Europe, their border guards are still overwhelmingly White and professional (not that it helps much) and they treat you, a foreigner, better than anyone working at an American airport.

Sometimes, it almost feels like you’re walking back into an open-air prison when you come back from abroad lolololol.

AI and robots and all this tech stuff seems to be making the roles that brown people occupy in American society redundant.

Reading news like this makes me smile and breathe a sigh of relief.