Please be the Reptoids, Please be the Reptoids, Please be the Reptoids…

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 28, 2019

It’s funny that this is a real thing, photographed by real Yale scientists, but you have to read about it in a tabloid like it’s a rumor.

I sure do hope the reptoids are finally here to fight the Jews.

The Sun:

A mysterious object hurtling towards our Solar System from deep space has been photographed by scientists.

The incoming comet is like nothing scientists have seen before and is believed to have come from another star system.

That makes the visitor, known as 2I/Borisov, only the second interstellar object ever spotted in our Solar System.

Discovered in August, Borisov has travelled at least 7trillion miles to get here and will make its close approach with Earth next month.

Experts captured a closeup of the object on Sunday using a telescope at the Keck Observatory in Hawaii.

The image, taken by Yale University scientists, showed the comet surrounded by a bright white glow.

Made up of ice and other debris crumbling from Borisov’s main body, the ghostly tail stretches a staggering 100,000 miles long.

That makes it longer than 12 Earths stacked side by side behind the comet.

“It’s humbling to realise how small Earth is next to this visitor from another solar system,” said Yale scientist Dr Pieter van Dokkum.

Borisov is only the second interstellar object spotted in our cosmic neighbourhood. The first was ‘Oumuamua in 2017.

I simply cannot tell you how joyous it will be for me if this is the reptoids, finally arrived.

Even if they’re just here to harvest our life force for sustenance or steal our gold to fill their atmosphere, it will be such an exciting thing.