Planned Parenthood Secretly Built Death Star-Like Megaproject to Kill More Babies

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
October 5, 2019

Sometimes, you just gotta build a massive death facility.

It’s nice to know that some people in our society still have a sense of scale and ambition.

I, for one, would love it if we could pool our resources and build stuff like orbital launch ramps, huge space stations and other cool crap instead of feeding infinity niggers.

If that’s too expensive, then at least make me a gun like in Gantz that blows people up a few seconds after pulling the trigger!

Come on, science guys, I’m sure you could pull it off with a few hundred million in budget – a mere trifle!

Unfortunately, not everyone shares the same sense of romance when it comes to expensive, secret megaprojects.

CBS News:

After over a year of secret construction, Planned Parenthood announced its newest abortion facility on Wednesday: an 18,000-square-foot mega-clinic in southern Illinois. The new location is just 13 miles away from Missouri’s last remaining abortion clinic, a facility in St. Louis fighting to keep its license.

Since August 2018, Planned Parenthood has used a shell company to construct the facility, leaving no public trace that the former medical office would become one of the largest abortion clinics in the country. CBS News first visited the site in August, while it was still being built.

Colleen McNicholas, the chief medical officer of Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri, said the facility was built in secret to avoid protestors and delays. Other Planned Parenthood projects had run into problems once the public realized the construction was for an abortion provider. In one instance, a communications company had refused to install telephone and data lines; in another, a cabinet maker never delivered an order, McNicholas said. In Birmingham, Alabama, protestors targeted Planned Parenthood’s suppliers, flooding their social media accounts with fake negative reviews.

They built this huge death facility secretly in order to avoid protesters… In other words… To evade rebels.

God knows rebels are the biggest danger to any huge death-dealing infrastructure.

Planned Parenthood probably realized that if some of their abortion super-factory had some ill-designed exhaust port or whatever, it’d only take one stray proton torpedo to blow the whole thing to kingdom come.

“We were really intentional and thoughtful about making sure that we were able to complete this project as expeditiously as possible because we saw the writing on the wall — patients need better access, so we wanted to get it open as quickly as we could,” McNicholas said during an interview with CBS News.

Planned Parenthood expects the facility to begin taking patients later this month. In the meantime, the organization’s St. Louis location said it planned to double its clinic escort staff on Wednesday in anticipation of increased protests.

That’s some speedy construction.

They must have found… new ways to motivate their workers… who surely redoubled their efforts to complete the project on time.

Those kikes certainly can’t keep those babies waiting to be killed, after all.

If all of America’s infrastructure was built with the same zeal and efficiency as this abortion center, every U.S. city would look like something out of a sci-fi movie.

Hey, crazy idea here, but bear with me for a sec: what if we proposed making some kind of abortion-themed space station? You know, just some gigantic space station with lasers and space ports and stuff, but, like, for abortions or whatever?

Maybe we could finally get this space exploration thing started like this?

Sometimes, to get what you want, you have to go with the flow of things…