Planet of the Bidens: Rise of the Planet of the Faucis

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Jimmy Dore did a good video about how absurd it is that you’re supposed to believe everything that Anthony Fauci says, while Anthony Fauci is consistently changing what he says.

As Dore points out, it’s not just over time that he changes his orders – sometimes he changes his orders multiple times in the same interview.

Making a serious attempt to follow the orders of Anthony Fauci would be like making a serious attempt to play Simon Says with a cheater – a cheater who lies about his cheating, even when it’s on video, and then claims “I am Simon Says!” like Fauci claims “I am the Science!”

After playing the very funny clips of Fauci consistently contradicting himself, Dore lists off some fun headlines showing how the media is dealing with the fact that these Faucis are so difficult to follow, with their constant changes in their orders and lies about the changes in their orders.

Zimmerman, Siegel… even Dore won’t point out the strange pattern we find in the last names of people who write articles like this, which lines up with the strange pattern we find in the owners and CEOs of Big Pharma companies.

I feel bad for Jimmy Dore. He’s a “traditional leftist” or a “hard leftist” or something. But the left as it stands now is just a cult, utterly obsessed with submitting to authority.

As a “traditional rightist” or a “hard rightist,” I face similar problems as Dore in not being able to get the people who should be my natural support base to pull themselves away from the delusions spewed by the television and get on board with the program. But unlike Dore, I have a chance at this, and there are more and more people coming away from the Sean Hannity fake “conservative” right and coming my way.

I am hopeful about the future, as the vax is forcing battle lines to be drawn, and more people are coming in my direction.

Dore, unfortunately, has no such reason to be hopeful. There is zero evidence that any segment of the modern left cares about anything other than worshiping authority, and feeling that they gain personal power by submitting to that authority, and working to force it on others.

The gap between me and the mainstream of the American right is much wider than the gap between Dore and the mainstream of the American left. In actual fact, Dore is closer to the mainstream of the American right than he is to the mainstream of the American left. At least the mainstream of the American right has some belief in questioning authority. The mainstream of the left has no such belief. They believe in worshiping authority, and take pleasure in doing what they are told.

Making the situation even more unfortunate, the majority of Dore’s viewers are right-wingers. If a leftist saw one of his videos, they would identify him as a “fascist.”

There is a small group of these leftists like Dore, which includes Glenn Greenwald, Matt Taibbi, and various other “socialist” types, but those people are now getting banned, and they’re getting steamrolled by the likes of Vaush and Hasan Piker.

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These astroturfed fake socialists are being presented as the alternative to the mainstream left, even as they support every position of the mainstream left.

This phenomenon was most clear with Bernie Sanders’ 2020 presidential run, when he abandoned virtually all of the positions of his 2016 presidential campaign, and embraced “woke” leftist policies. No one seemed to even notice. Just so, AOC has completely backed off of all the policies she ran on, and no one seems to have noticed that either.

The left has abandoned any resistance to money and power, and is instead happy to see corporations run fat people in their advertisements for their useless consumer products.

While there is a future for the right, the left does not seem to have any future at all, in terms of serious adult behavior.

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The obsession of the left with the virus hoax, and the fact that you now have Antifa shooting people who are opposed to the vaccine, demonstrates that.

What’s more: the banhammer is coming for all of these “old left” people, and they’re going to then be left with us in no man’s land, trying to find anywhere at all to post their content.

Sean McCarthy was recently banned from Twitter.

Many leftists had their tweets deleted during the 2020 Democrat primaries when they were complaining about irregularities in the process which hurt Bernie Sanders.

It’s time for the remnants of the old left to give up their childish obsession with free healthcare and the boogiemen of racism and sexism, and get on board with the far-right agenda for the big win-win against the global financial elite.