Plandemic Website Apparently Hacked, Forwards to Site with Dumb Talking Points

The website for the coronavirus documentary Plandemic,, appears to have been hacked. It is now forwarding to “,” which features a list of SCIENCE! talking points.

The sum total of the site is the word “Plandemic” followed by these bulletpoints:

  • Judy Mikovitz is bat shit crazy (COVID pun intended)
  • Bill Gates is not patenting any of these drugs … and what the fuck do you think he would do with >$100 million more anyway?
  • Masks aren’t going to kill you
  • The world is scary now. Believing that this is all part of a global conspiracy is more comforting than the truth. If we give into fear and ignore *actual* science things will only get worse

What is hilarious about this is that it is promoting the ideology of SCIENCE! (as opposed to the scientific method) as a definite and objective form of truth, while also pushing things that SCIENCE! said were false at the beginning of this supposed pandemic.

The health authorities (SCIENCE! priests) initially said that masks would make you more likely to get infected.

They also said that the claim that the virus came from Chinese bats was a racist conspiracy theory.

In fact, Huffington Post was saying that this is racist as recently as last week, and quoting priests of SCIENCE! to back it up, which indicates that SCIENCE! is not only constantly changing, but changing at such a speed that the priests themselves can’t keep up with it.

It is impossible to convince thinking people that there is an ideology that contains an ultimate, religious type of truth but is also constantly changing. Those two things contradict one another.

The idea that Anthony Fauci moved from “all of my models were so wrong no one can even believe how wrong they were” to “now listen to this new thing I’m saying which is absolute fact of reality” demonstrated the utter absurdity of this SCIENCE! doctrine.

“Science” is supposed to be a methodology, not a political dogma. The scientific method has nothing whatsoever to do with SCIENCE! the doctrine, save for that it has the same name. Anyone who actually understands the scientific method and isn’t pushing a political agenda would be opposed to this idea of “science says such and such a thing.” Science is a methodology for determining hypotheses, which must then be confirmed by data.

When someone shows you a graph that shows 2.2 million people dying from hospitals being overwhelmed if you don’t shut down society and says that this is “science,” they are lying. What they are showing you is a scientific theory, which may or may not be correct. In the case of Neil Ferguson and Anthony Fauci’s graphs, we know they were not correct, because the actual data, played out in reality, proved that they were not correct. That doesn’t mean that the scientific method failed, it means that they put bad data into their equations and came up with bad theories that they used to create bad graphs. They did this for political purposes. Scientists who are hired by the government and by Bill Gates continue to use faulty data to create faulty theories which they promote as fact and then call you a “science denier” if you don’t believe them.

The idea that the people who promoted the “flatten the curve” 2.2 million dead hoax have the nerve to claim that anyone else needs to “listen to the scientists” (despite virtually everyone in the scientific community speaking out against it) is so absurd as to be borderline nonsensical.

You are under no obligation to believe these people, any more than you are under an obligation to believe anyone else who is pushing a political agenda. Using the word “science” does not magically give them authority that they did not earn.

As I wrote in my review of the first release of the Plandemic documentary, which I understand is a short film that has been produced separately from a full-length documentary to be released later this year, I am critical of some of what I saw. The film appears to be very new age-oriented, and presented several ideas that I believe are kooky. However, with regards to coronavirus itself, a lot of the information was on point, and was simply citing public sources, which is why it has gained so much popularity.

Many people are now questioning the authorities and their statements about the virus, as well as the bizarre government response to the virus, which basically amounted to “quick! Destroy the economy, make everyone poor and strip them of all of their rights!”

For many people, simply saying “SCIENCE!” is not going to convince them to submit to this brutal new agenda that is being rolled out under the pretext of this virus.