“Plandemic” Documentary is the Most Censored Thing Since the Daily Stormer

The documentary “Plandemic,” which is just one segment of an upcoming feature length documentary, is now officially the most censored thing since the Daily Stormer was banned from absolutely everything in August of 2017 following the disastrous “Unite the Right” rally.

The video has been repeatedly banned from all video uploading platforms. The copy that I was planning to post from Internet Archive – a site which has previously refused to censor virtually anything at all, aside from illegal content – now requires people to log in to view it.

Thankfully, it is still available on Bitchute, a freedom of speech oriented video hosting platform which is likely to become very useful as we continue to move into ultimate censorship.

With over a million views, it is one of the most-watched videos in Bitchute history.

Everyone should watch the 26 minute video.

I intended to research the background on the material in the video before posting it, but I think I feel it is necessary to make sure that everyone has access to it.

I think the introduction to the film is strange, starting with the background of Judy Mikovits, an anti-vaccine activist who worked with Anthony Fauci on the AIDS epidemic. I would have preferred it jump directly into coronavirus information. I do not know anything about Judy Mikovits and her background, and I do not know if her story is credible. There are things about her statements in this video regarding her work on AIDS that I have questions about, and I also have some questions about her various anti-vaccine claims.

More importantly, I’m less than convinced of her claims about the virus being a bioweapon developed by the US government. This could be correct, but I’m not comfortable taking this woman’s word for it. Her claims about working to turn Ebola into a bioweapon are especially suspect. I really do not want discussion of this virus hoax to devolve into the extreme fringe and the potentially quite goofy realms of the new age. I would much rather we stick to hard science and things we can prove.

But at least some of the coronavirus information in the video is accurate, so I will take what I can get. Everyone is sharing this documentary, and the fact that it has been so banned has created a Streisand Effect, and more and more people are watching it because of the crackdown. Huge numbers of people know they’re being lied to. They’re telling us this is a mass crisis and we have to transform our society, but people look around and no one is dying, save for the very old and people with chronic illnesses. People don’t know what’s going on, but they know nothing about this lockdown is right.

The 26 minute video is just one segment of an upcoming longer documentary, which is why it has the seemingly strange introduction talking about Mikovits’ work on AIDS. According to the official website for the documentary, plandemicmovie.com, it is a “vignette,” meaning this footage might not even be in the final film. It may well be that Mikovits’ views are just one perspective and that other more grounded perspectives will be presented in the final film.

My primary concern is that this documentary is a part of the plan of the government. Surely they knew people would question this virus hoax, and it could well be that they are rushing out their own conspiracy film to frame the opposition to the hoax. I don’t have any specific reason to believe this is the case, other than that this seems like a very professional documentary which is coming out very quickly, and I believe it would make sense for the government to create and run their own opposition. I’ve also had some difficulty finding out about the film’s producer, Mikki Willis.

He has very strange physiognomy.

In fact, everyone who works for his company, Elevate Films, is pretty weird looking.

People know they are being lied to, but they don’t know the purpose of the lies or even what the specifics of the lies are, and that presents a situation where they are ready to believe the first alternative narrative that is offered to them, and we might have a situation where this full length documentary is going to frame an entire narrative that the government has decided that they want to define the opposition. I have a hard time believing that with an operation as massive as this coronavirus hoax, they wouldn’t have the opposition planned out, and this ultra-glossy documentary sends up quite a few red flags in my brain.

However, I’m cautiously optimistic. At the very least, the film is starting a conversation, which we desperately needed. So, take both the video and my paranoia regarding it with a grain of salt.

The level of censorship is truly incredible, as is the vitriol with which the establishment is responding to it.

The Wikipedia entry for the film is histrionic:

Plandemic is a 26-minute conspiracy theory video released in May 2020 that promotes a variety of falsehoods and misinformation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. The film was produced by Mikki Willis’s California-based production company Elevate, which has produced other conspiracist videos in the past. The producers of the video state that it is a trailer for an upcoming film to be released in Summer 2020. Starring in the video is discredited former medical researcher turned anti-vaccination activist Judy Mikovits.

Promoted by conspiracy theorists, the video spread rapidly and virally on social media, garnering millions of views, making it “one of the most widespread pieces of coronavirus misinformation.” The video was removed by various platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and Twitter, over its misleading content and promotion of false information.

Over the weekend, the New York Times published a vitriolic attack on the film, and The Atlantic published a guide on how to respond to people who send you the video, with interviews with psychologists on how to talk people out of conspiracy theories.

This viral conspiracy information certainly introduces a new layer of intrigue to the ongoing weirdness of this situation. It will offer fuel to protesters, who are now outright stating that this is all a gigantic hoax.

I will do my best to write reviews of the segments as they are released and make sure people have access to uploads. Right now, Bitchute remains a good place to find anything on the flu hoax which has been banned by major social media sites, and I hope they will stay up and continue to offer this service. However, if they are shut down, we will figure out a way.

I want to state once again to every single person reading this: you need to get involved in these protests. You need to go there and talk to people. Do not talk to them about Jews. Just go there and listen to what they have to say, and support them. If you have the kind of personality that is capable of it, start to position yourself as an active member of the resistance against this government brutality. If there are no protests in your area, then organize one yourself. People will come. More and more people are going, and this isn’t going to slow down.

You have nothing to lose. None of us do. They used to threaten us with losing our jobs – well, that’s now officially off the table.

The protest movements are going to form the basis of a new political movement in this country, whatever happens next, and we need to ensure that it isn’t taken over by government agents. The only way to ensure that is to be there ourselves.

I’ll be offering guidance and advice on where this all needs to go. I’m going to continue to crowdsource ideas. We will have a plan for every eventuality. So just get in there. Get on the ground. Get ready to be a part of American history.