Place Michael Brown Killed in Self-Defense Gets Permanent Memorial

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 22, 2015

Yeah, this is apparently real.
Yeah, this is apparently real.

Even while the entire world is aware of the fact that gigantic Ferguson teenager Michael Brown had just robbed a Paki store when he attacked a cop and tried to get his gun before being shot dead, millions of people think it is okay to still keep talking about what a victim he was.

Now they have put up a permanent memorial to him to replace the pile of trash in the middle of the road that had previously served as a memorial to the violent Black victim of racism.

The old memorial was good, but now it's time for something better.
The old memorial was good, but now it’s time for something better.


A plaque and metallic likeness of a dove have been installed in Michael Brown’s memory near the spot where the unarmed, black 18-year-old was shot and killed last summer by a white Ferguson police officer.

Crews installed the plaque and dove Thursday hundreds of feet apart on a sidewalk in Ferguson, Missouri, one day after the mid-street memorial for Brown was cleared. Wednesday would have been Brown’s 19th birthday.

The makeshift memorial had cropped up within hours of Brown’s death and became what many saw as a symbol of a new civil rights movement over race and policing.

The next step, obviously, is for the cigar thief to be given a statue in Washington, DC.

But don’t expect that level of justice in racist America.

Michael Brown memorials have had a lot of trouble in the past, with the first one being burned down:

And the memorial tree being chopped:

Let’s hope this one fares better, because Americans truly do need to be forever reminded that a White man has no right to fight back if a violent Black attacks them and tries to get their gun and kill them with it.