#Pizzagate Update: The Child Sex Ring Scandal Keeps Getting Sicker

Ben Richards
Daily Stormer
December 2, 2016


Independent researchers are exposing an increasing amount of information relating to the Pizzagate child sex ring scandal.

Here’s more material related to the on-going Pizzagate child sex ring investigation. There’s so many people independently researching this that new stuff is being found regularly. The Pizzagate section over at voat.co is a good source of information with lots of researchers posting their findings.

There’s clearly enough evidence to warrant a full investigation. Too much creepy stuff has been found surrounding the Washington DC based Comet Ping Pong pizza joint along with the weird coded references discovered in several Wikileaks e-mails. That stuff alone should have triggered an investigation and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  In fact, an investigation is even more prudent considering that the fake Jew news media and social media sites like Twitter and Reddit have gone out of their way to cover all this up.

Let’s start with some more suspect Wikileaks e-mails.

This Stratfor e-mail shows several individuals discussing the term “pizza” as some type of code. It also references the infamous Jim Jones cult incident from the 1970s. But who the hell talks about “pizza” this way? Nobody asks how they will thinly slice a single slice of pizza among several people. It only makes sense if “pizza” is referring to a person.



Tony Podesta sent an e-mail to John Podesta referencing how he is still in a “torture chamber.”  The title of the e-mail “Last night was fun” seems to indicate that he had fun in the “torture chamber” last night. This is another very strange e-mail. Perhaps Tony could explain to FBI agents what this “torture chamber” reference is all about.




James Alefantis’s Instagram profile picture has also raised some questions. He has set his Instagram profile to private to conceal his disgusting kiddy diddling pics but you can still see his profile picture which is circled below. So what exactly did Alefantis decide to use for his profile picture?


We’ll see if he Alefantis changes this Instagram profile picture. As it raises yet more questions about him.

It looks as if that bust is of Antinous who was the boy lover of the Roman Emperor Hadrian. Historians believe that Antinous began a sexual relationship with Hadrian when he was 13 and Hadrian was 48. More specifically, it looks as if the photo he used is of the Antinous bust located in a Madrid museum.


The bust of Antinous the boy lover of Roman Emperor Hadrian is what James Alefantis uses as his Instagram profile picture. 

Ask yourself what sort of sick person would do this? Antinous is widely considered to be a major historical symbol of pederasty. It is hard to fathom why any person would put a profile image like this on their Instagram account. That is of course unless they themselves are into pederasty.

Here’s more weird stuff.

Frank Guistra who founded the film company Lions Gate and major donor to the Clinton Foundation was discovered by Pizzagate researchers to have some extremely weird connections. Guistra is connected to the Radcliffe Foundation an organization dedicated to allegedly helping “refugee” children.


Frank Guistra pictured with Bill Clinton is another key individual who needs to be investigated in connection with Pizzagate.

Upon further inspection, it was discovered that some of the web pages associated with this organization feature secretly coded pedophile symbols. Namely the Facebook page for the Elpida Project. The main logo for the Elpida Project previously featured the pedophile symbol for “boy lover.” This according to an FBI document detailing pedophile symbolism. This discovery caused them to change the logo. Fortunately, an archive of the Facebook page has been saved and can be found here.


The Elpida Project’s Facebook page had this “boy lover” symbol as its main logo until its discovery by Pizzagate researchers.

Then you have this picture found on the Radcliffe Foundation’s website featuring the same “boy lover” symbol. It looks like this photo may have been taken on-site at one of the “refugee” facilities the foundation runs.


More pedophile symbolism that the fake Jew news media wants you to ignore.

It gets weirder. Turns out that Guistra was previously involved in some type of shell company called 222 Pizza Express Corporation dating back to 2008.

Then you have this. Corey Feldman created a song dedicated to his fellow 1980s child Hollywood star Corey Haim called “Remember 222.” He also referenced “222” when commenting on Haim’s death several years ago. Both Feldman and Haim were sexually abused throughout the 1980s during the height of their popularity as child actors. Based on all of this, it is quite possible that the term “222” is Feldman’s reference to the child sex ring they were victimized by.

All of this shows some very strange stuff going on. The Radcliffe Foundation should be immediately investigated in order to find out if they are involved in trafficking children for sex. The fact that you have FBI identified pedophile symbols associated with an organization dealing with “refugee” children raises all sorts of questions.

Then we have a huge child sex scandal erupting in the UK surrounding youth football teams. The scandal has gotten so far out of control that the mainstream news has been forced to cover it. So for anybody saying that child sex rings don’t exist, this is a story that proves otherwise.

It is also worth noting that a pizza joint in St. Louis called Dojo Pizza was previously raided by the FBI earlier this year over child pornography and child sex trafficking accusations. We should ask ourselves why this isn’t happening to Comet Ping Ping. One can only assume it is because the people connected to Comet Ping Pong are within the investigative bodies themselves or have influence over them.

David Seaman who was recently banned from writing for the Huffington Post for reporting on Hillary Clinton’s health problems will apparently be on The Daily Show to discuss Pizzagate. Not quite sure what to make of Seaman but it will be interesting to see how The Daily Show handles the discussion. The Seaman surname has English origins and I haven’t seen any concrete evidence proving that he’s a Jew. Maybe some of you in the comment section can sort that out. So far though, it seems as if the Pizzagate stuff he’s been putting out has been credible and focused in on stuff we can prove. We’ll just have to see how he handles his TV appearance.

Lots of sick stuff here for sure. We’ll have more updates on Pizzagate as is warranted.