#Pizzagate: New York Times Mocks Researchers Exposing a Washington DC Child Sex Ring

Ben Richards
Daily Stormer
December 12, 2016


The New York Times is attempting to Jew their readers by publishing a horribly dishonest article on Pizzagate.

The Jew run newspaper of the New York Times has published a piece openly mocking Pizzagate researchers. The article uses terms like “conspiracy theory” and “fake news” to discredit people who are analyzing evidence of what appears to be proof of an elaborate child sex ring operation. It is truly one of the most pathetic pieces of journalism one could imagine. The article uses straw man arguments, ignores key evidence and intentionally exaggerates or misinterprets claims researchers are making.

Let’s go over the biggest issues with it.

The article talks about how several Wikileaks e-mails referencing foods like “pizza,” etc. which appear to be pedophile or sex code. They try to explain this away by pointing out how the Podesta brothers were famous for their Italian cooking. So according to them, this is why there are so many food references in their e-mails. This is not a proper explanation. They selectively ignore various Wikileaks e-mails where it is obvious that the food references are not really about food. Take for example, the Stratfor e-mail which talks about how Barack Obama arranged to have $65,000 worth of pizza and hot dogs flown into the White House – from Chicago – for a private party.


The Times makes no mention of this e-mail because it is cannot be explained. If one were to take this literally, it would be referring to many thousands of pizzas and hot dogs. It also couldn’t possibly be referring to food due to the fact that food for the President is prepared by the military for security reasons. The most obvious explanation is that this is code referring to the types of prostitutes that were brought in for the party.


James Alefantis used the term #chickenlovers which is slang for a homosexual attracted to young male children in this Instagram post. The New York Times intentionally ignored this and other very damaging Instagram posts which contain obvious references to pedophilia/pederasty.

The article conveniently fails to reference the countless kiddy diddling pictures that Comet Ping Pong pizza joint owner James Alefantis posted on his Instagram page. Not to mention the many strange comments left about the pictures by him and some of his friends. Any sane person who looks at the crap this faggot posted would immediately conclude that he’s into pederasty.

The piece falsely claims that a photo showing Barack Obama playing ping pong posted by Alefantis is cited by researchers as proof linking him to Comet Ping Pong pizza. This is a straw man argument. The proof is the fact that Alefantis visited the White House several times. One of those times he was there to visit Obama. That’s proof of the connection. Researchers are simply asking why some random pizza joint owner would have this type of access to the White House.


The story makes another straw man argument by claiming that researchers are using the Alefantis Instagram photo showing a man with the J’Lefant t-shirt as proof of Alefantis being a pedophile. They pile on by falsely claiming that researchers have identified that guy in the photo as Alefantis. No serious researcher is saying anything like that. The one thing people have pointed out is how the phrase “J’aime les enfants” in French translates to “I love children” in English.


The story discusses people’s speculation about underground tunnels, a kill room and a basement hidden underneath Comet Ping Pong. The piece dismisses any speculation based on a statement from someone representing Comet Ping Pong, claiming the building has no basement. They make no attempt to independently fact check this statement. Talk about terrible journalism.

A story from Metro Weekly in 2015 has Alefantis talking about storing goods in a basement. There’s also weird photos from the Alefantis Instagram account showing digging, references to small coffins and references to kill rooms.


Further investigation is needed on these topics so we can understand them in a proper context. Obviously a representative from Comet Ping Pong is not going to openly admit facts that would expose them to additional scrutiny.


Why are these sickos talking about burying a body?  


Notice the #killroom reference.


Another kill room reference. This is obviously not stuff normal people share with one another yet this was all ignored by the NYT piece.

They create yet another straw man argument by stating that researchers are claiming that John Podesta and Tony Podesta kidnapped Madeleine McCann. This was the young girl who disappeared back in 2007 in Portugal. The problem with this argument is that nobody is seriously stating this. What people are saying is that it is extremely odd that the artist rendition of the two kidnapping suspects look just like the Podestas. They are merely saying that further investigation is required on this subject.


There is probably no chance the Podestas personally kidnapped McCann. But look at the pictures. With all this other stuff going on, it surely isn’t insane that people are asking.

There’s lots of other stuff that the story conveniently leaves out. Take for instance the creepy bands that have played at Comet Ping Pong or the degenerate art collected by Tony Podesta. Or what about a pizza joint owner like Alefantis somehow managing to be listed as the 49th most powerful man in Washington DC by GQ magazine?


A pizza shop owner this powerful in a city where you have Senators, Congressmen and high ranking government people? None of this adds up unless he’s involved in activities that could potentially compromise the powerful. Like let’s say a child sex ring operation.

Mark Thompson the current CEO of the New York Times was previously accused of covering up Jimmy Savile’s pedophilia while at the BBC.

Shortly after this story was published, Pizzagate researchers have noted some interesting things about New York Times CEO Mark Thompson. Prior to working at the New York Times, Thompson worked for the BBC. During his time there, he was personally accused of covering up Jimmy Savile’s pedophilia. The Telegraph did a full report on this back in 2013. Based on this, there is no reason to believe that the New York Times could ever cover a story on a child sex ring fairly. After all, one of their high ranking executives seems to have been involved in covering up this type of activity earlier in his career.

Clearly, the New York Times and other corporate media outlets are under a great deal of pressure because of Pizzagate. They wouldn’t have written a piece like this if they weren’t. This is a sad attempt at damage control. Unfortunately for them, articles like these back fire because it is not an honest assessment of the facts. This piece was written with a predetermined conclusion and can not be considered real investigative journalism. It represents more evidence proving that the media is trying to bury this very important story.