#Pizzagate: A Few Simple Questions

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 9, 2016

Gunman Pizza Shop

Though there will always be regrets – as this is the nature of the human experience – Edgar Maddison Welch making the rather goofy decision to rush Comet Ping Pong with an assault rifle to try and find victimized children has had a positive effect, overall. And I’m thankful for it.

People are seeing the media covering the story now. They are hearing that it is “fake news.” Over and over and over again, they are being told this. I read a Pizzagate story on Vox the other day that contained the word “fake” a total of 42 times. But a lot of the people hearing this are going to look into the story.

And they are going to find a lot of questions.

If the people involved in this situation are innocent, than it should be no problem to address these questions, and then be done with it. Alefantis said, speaking to the press after Welch’s blitz, that he would soon be addressing the issue.

Let’s make sure it’s fully addressed.

I’ve compiled a few of these questions below, which, if answered, can close the case.

What exactly is being talked about in these Podesta Wikileaks emails? Are we really supposed to believe that a bunch of grown men are getting this excited over cheese pizza? If that is a serious argument that can be made, why is the media not mentioning the emails and explaining that all of these adults were just really excited about pizza and emailing each other about toppings? They are really talking about finding napkins with maps to pizza places?


How about the Wikileaks email that talks about 7, 9 and 11-year-old children being in the hot tub as “entertainment”? Is that normal? Would you send such an email?


Why was Comet Ping Pong owner James Alefantis listed as GQ’s 49th most powerful man in Washington? What makes a homosexual pizzaman so powerful?


Why was Alefantis going to the White House, and at least once meeting with President Obama?


Speaking of Obama – what is with the 2009 Statfor email from the company’s vice president of intelligence saying he spent $65,000 dollars “flying in pizza/dogs from Chicago for a private party at the White House”? Are we to believe this is about actual food? Or is this the same code talk we see in the Podesta emails, which – and this is Occam’s Razor now, folks – is apparently is referring to child sex?

daily-stormer_9991077By the way, the response, from the Jew Aaric Eisenstein, a Stratfor employee at the time, was this:


Is the talking about actual waitresses? If he is talking about actual waitresses as this Chicago pizza party – which is a party where adults go to eat actual pizza – why does he put the word “waitresses” in quotation marks?

Why was Hillary Clinton writing personal thank you letters to Alefantis?


Why did Andrew Breitbart claim that John Podesta was involved in child sex trafficking? Was he insane, bitterly trying to attack Podesta, or did he actually have reason to believe this? Is that related to his surprise death at such a young age?

Why did Besta Pizza, the pizza place around the corner from comet, remove a symbol which is in the FBI database as a reference to child sex from their logo after inquiry began into this situation?


What is going on with the Comet Ping Pong instagram? Why are there references to child sex? Why are there so many pornographic images related to a “family” restaurant? What is going on with the satanic stuff? What about the rest of it?


“Chickenlover” is common and accepted homosexual slang for a man who likes sex with little boys.


Sexual language on a picture of an infant.


A reference to taking a baby to “the farm.”


A baby with money, James saying “that’s his money.” Note that these are large amounts of bank-wrapped euros. This appears to be a clear reference to the baby being sold for sex. At least, that is what any normal person would assume. Look at the eyes.


A homosexual man with a shirt reading “I love children.”


A joke about selling an infant.


A child taped to a table.


A windowless metal room tagged with “#killroom,” and which Alefantis himself tags with “#murder.” Someone else says “oh yeah this looks fun” and another “just rinse it off when you’re done.”


“Boom boom” is a phrase used by prostitutes in Thailand to refer to sex.


Hardcore pornography.


Pornographic imagery.


More pornographic imagery.




A man dressed in drag, covered in blood or fake blood.


“Shut up n fuck” written on the bathroom wall in Comet Ping Pong, then posted on the internet.


Satanic “artist” Marina Abramovic


Apparent satanic cult behavior and a little girl tagged with Comet Ping Pong


A man in an animal mask (often described as being used in satanic ritual abuse) with a sex reference.


Barack Obama, apparently in the White House, playing ping pong with a little boy.

And honestly, this is just the beginning.

The research people are doing is so thorough, and more and more of it just keeps coming out.

It is truly incredible that in this current year, normal guys with laptops can literally launch a direct attack on the most powerful people in the world. And I do believe this is linked to the most powerful people in the world. I think there is a network of people engaged in this that stretches across the globe.

It is a part of the Jewish religion, you know. Both child sex and child sacrifice. I believe this is how they maintain a stranglehold on the political system – they get people involved in this stuff. And people who are involved in it get promoted.

If Donald Trump is able to throw the door open on this – and it looks like he well might – the entire framework of our universe will be altered. It will bring the people together. Looking at something like this – coming face to face with real life evil – it will change even the most hardened men.

Once again, I want to say that with Alex Jones and others on the Alt-Light apparently cucking out or preparing to cuck-out on this topic, I am going to try to publish as much as possible on it. So please, use the Daily Stormer BBS to post information you come across, see that it gets brought to my attention and we will cover it.

This is so, so important. The importance of this cannot be overstated. As ugly as this is, as dark, exposing it to the light will set us all free.