#PitbullDropoff: The Genocide Begins

Daily Stormer
May 15, 2018

Imagine if one racial subgroup was responsible for the vast majority of violent crime. That if one tiny minority were wiped off the face of the earth, the vast majority of the violence of its species would disappear. That if people just got together and wiped this one group off the face of the earth, the whole world would live with orders of magnitude more harmoniousness and love and peace afterwards.

No, today I’m not talking about niggers.

Though that is a good guess, and more often than not would be on target, today I’m actually talking about pit bulls. In 2017, pit bulls were responsible for three quarters of fatal dog attacks.

If you look at the specific incidents, the German shepherd fatalities are almost all protecting the master, starving or abused, or trained police attack dogs, while pit bulls attack randomly. There is also a massive per capita issue with the above graph.

Despite being less than 5% of the population, pit bulls are responsible for three quarters of the attack fatalities. That’s an insane ratio.

The breed is innately dangerous, and disproportionately mauls and murders children.

Let’s face it, the biggest advocates for these creatures are nonwhites and white women who have bastard children by black fathers. There is no reason for pit bulls to exist in modern society, just as there’s no reason for niggers to exist. The only reason skanks defend these dogs so much is that they are having sex with them. If we just rid ourselves of the plague of the pit bull, hundreds of children every year would be saved from maiming and death, and the rate of dog violence would go down by three quarters.

We cannot kill blacks down to the last woman and child, because there would be investigations and we’d go to jail. Despite the fact that we would be doing the world a favor, there are (for some nonsensical reason) laws against this.

However, brave individuals have begun doing a practice genocide. You see, if you find pit bull ads on Craigslist, you can just take them straight to a kill shelter. Many brave souls have chosen to kill them DIY with whatever tools and environmental hazards that they have available on their own property, and nobody is going to know, though we can cannot condone or encourage this specific method of execution as it may violate your local ordinances. However, you can go and legally murder these violent animals today at any kill shelter, and know that you’re making your civilization a safer place for white children.

And that’s just what the good people of America have been doing.

Of course no shortage of nigger-loving, dog-fucking skanks have come out of the woodwork to cry and try to staunch the knowledge of the trending hashtag and sane way of dealing with vicious, violent beasts.

This one’s my favorite:

Listen, Stormer trolls. Do you want to be literally Hitler? If so, there’s four easy steps:

  1. Find pit bulls.
  2. Pick up pit bulls.
  3. Drop pit bulls off at your local kill shelter with a statement that it bit a member of your family.
  4. Post a picture or a video to the #pitbulldropoff hashtag on Twitter or Facebook.

Repeat over and over again, until there are no pit bulls left within your tri-state area. Live with the satisfaction of knowing that every pit bull that you’re responsible for the slaughter of, you’ve made society a safer and better place.

And one day, we’ll be able to do it to human undesirables, and not just canine ones. Together, we can wipe the violent pit bull breed from the face of the earth, and also steel our hearts and prepare ourselves to do something similar to larger game when there are no longer legal and social obstacles to doing so.

Will you help with this practice genocide? Will you help wipe the pit bull off the face of the earth? Will you do your part in the pit genocide? It has been a long time coming.