Pitbull Attack Results in Man’s Death – By Crossbow!

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
February 8, 2020

Pitbulls are the niggers of dogs – but they’re also the medieval marksmen of dogs.

No man knows how he’ll die.

That being said, I have a suspicion that my own death will be the result of either:

  1. Getting mauled by a pitbull.
  2. Getting shot by a crossbow.
  3. Having my cheap Filipino vaping death tube blow up in my face because the battery overheated.

This is why I’m always nervous around pitbulls and crossbows. Also, I haven’t looked this up recently, but aren’t those the most common causes of death in America? Or was that cancer and heart disease? I forget.

Either way, some poor chap just bit the dust in probably the most metal way imaginable – he got shot by a crossbow while getting mauled by a pitbull.

I can only applaud the man.

CBS News:

A man was shot and killed in his apartment by a crossbow bolt that a neighbor had fired at dogs who were attacking the man, authorities in Massachusetts said. The death Wednesday afternoon in Adams appears to be accidental, according to Berkshire District Attorney Andrea Harrington.

The neighbor heard a commotion and the victim, who was a friend, shouting for help just after noon, authorities said. The victim was identified as Joshua Jadusingh, 27, the Berkshire district attorney’s office said in a statement.

The neighbor made his way into the apartment, then returned to his own unit to get the crossbow, which he was licensed to own and used for hunting, Harrington said at a news conference Thursday.

He stood at the bottom of a stairwell and fired up at a dog on the landing, she said. The bolt struck the dog with a glancing blow, went through the door and hit the man in the room where he was trying to barricade himself, Harrington said. A young girl in another room was unharmed.

One of the dogs belonged to the man who died, she said. The other belonged to his girlfriend, who also lived in the home.

This is a very strange situation.

This man was called “Joshua Jadusingh” and owned a pitbull, which would seem to indicate that he was a colored gentleman.

His “friend” and neighbor owned a crossbow – legally – as well as a hunting license, which would seem to indicate that he was a White guy. Black guys don’t go hunting – and they certainly don’t go around getting licenses for things.

There was a “young girl” in the apartment, and yet the pitbull didn’t try to eat her and went for the grown man instead.

That doesn’t fit with the typical pitbull modus operandi.

None of this makes any sense. Since when do White guy hunters become friends with pitbull-owning niggers?

Since when do pitbulls ignore delicious young children and instead try to devour crusty old Black guys?

The adult male pit bulls were known to fight and were usually kept in separate cages, Harrington said. They had a history of being aggressive, and one had previously attacked a person who required medical attention.

The neighbor who fired the arrow is a “good Samaritan” who is cooperating with the investigation, the district attorney’s office said. Harrington does not anticipate criminal charges.

“The neighbor was reacting in a very stressful circumstance” and is “very distraught,” she said.

The dogs showed aggression toward responding police officers, who shot and killed both. Officers fired five rounds at the dogs, an investigation found.

On the other hand, this part of the story makes perfect sense.

Some Black guy was living with his “girlfriend” and a “small child,” which indicates that the child probably isn’t his, and was probably born out of wedlock.

These Blacks were keeping violent, bloodthirsty pitbulls in the same apartment as their small child.

The first thing the pitbull did when let out of its cage was to try and devour its owner, resist arrest and then got shot by the police – as expected of the niggers of dogs.

This is exactly within the range of expected pitbull behavior.

None of these things surprise me, nor should they surprise other rational minded people.

Actually, it’s quite amusing that all the things that I find baffling, and the things I find completely normal, are exactly reversed from what a liberal would find baffling and would expect. After all, liberals don’t believe that either Blacks or pitbulls have any particular behavior patterns, and so would just find this whole story to be a strange and inexplicable tragedy that could perhaps have been avoided if only there was “mo’ money for dem’ programs” and better dog-rearing techniques.

If only all pitbull were raised by the dog whisperer, no children would have to get eaten.

In short, what I’ve learned from this story is that pitbull skin deflects crossbow bolts, and so if I’m ever sent back to the middle ages for whatever fantasy reason, I’ll make sure to sew myself some pitbull leather armor.

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