Pit Bull of Peace Mauls Boomer Dog-Lady Who Adopted Him

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
September 7, 2018

What is with these delusional cunts? Not every creature is a victim of society that needs a cuddling. Niggers and pit bulls are bad news. If there was a mass pit bull invasion, you just know these delusional boomer cat ladies would open the doggy gates for them as well and call us Neo-Nazis if we objected.

This one got what was coming her way.

CBS Baltimore:

A 64-year-old Maryland woman was mauled to death by a pit bull she recently rescued, police said Tuesday.

According to Howard County Police, officers were called to a home on Tamar Drive on Labor Day for a report of a woman being mauled to death by her dog.

Robin Conway was found dead in her backyard with significant injuries.

A family member found Conway in her yard around 7:20 p.m. on Monday with the dog standing over her.

The witness called 911 and tied the dog to a fence until help arrived.

The radio transmission was heard with the caller saying he thought his wife was attacked by a dog and might be dead.

Police and EMS responded and pronounced Conway dead at the scene.

The dog, who was still leashed to the post, was barking and lunging on its leash. It was subdued by animal control officers and ultimately euthanized.

A necropsy will be performed to determine if the dog was sick or had rabies.

Conway had adopted the pit bull two weeks prior from a rescue out-of-state. 

Serves you right, you dumb cunt.

You probably let that thing terrorize the whole neighborhood for two full weeks before it decided to rip out your throat. Told the parents, “don’t mind him, he’s just friendly!” or some other bullshit, while he lurched in his leash, trying to eat the baby being pushed next to him in a stroller.

Innocents suffer from misplaced altruism like this. Especially kitties.

The kitty made it out okay. Dogs got euthanized. Woman should have been euthanized too. 

The thing is, and stop me if I’m getting too autistic here…

These people aren’t really getting weeded out genetically. Because this happens once they’ve produced, or past the point when they theoretically could have reproduced. So, while part of me is glad that trash like this is dead, the problem isn’t really getting solved.

When old Boomers who spent their whole lives skimming, scrounging, scratching and sniping everyone around them to acquire currency suddenly develop feelings, they seem to choose the ugliest and most dangerous creatures to try and care for. As if the difficulty of caring for them will offset what little scrooges they were earlier in their lives.

God certainly is punishing them for their behavior.

But he’s not quite weeding their behavior out of the gene pool.

Which, you have to admit, is disappointing.

I was thinking that once we get rid of all these brown people, we start encouraging people to adopt pit bulls and watch the dumb people get eaten slowly and their altruistic genes weeded out of the population. But now I realize that my plan is flawed. Pit bulls are just the clean-up crew. They can’t prevent the accident from happening, unfortunately.