Pine Kampf: Jewish Community Under Siege by Anti-Semitic Pine Cones!

Goy Orbison
Daily Stormer
June 1, 2017

Every generation has a tragedy that marks the beginning of a new era. The Boomers had the JFK assassination, we had the 9/11 attacks, and now something even more horrifying has emerged.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

For the third time in seven months, Mt. Lebanon police have been called upon to investigate an anti-Semitic message left in a public area.

“Kill the Jews!” was found spelled out in pine cones with a swastika on a curb at the corner of Overlook Drive and Arden Road early Tuesday morning, Mt. Lebanon police Lt. Duane Fisher said.

The horror!

This is shades of the six million all over again!

Lt. Fisher said police canvassed the residential neighborhood — about two blocks north of Beverly Road — and are hoping to find a home with a driveway or front door camera, which could possibly provide clues to identify the perpetrator.

We can only hope they get to the bottom of this! Somebody’s got to stop these pine-cone wielding Nazis! What next, acorns shaped like an Iron Cross?

Not since Edward Norton cut off Murray Trunkstein’s “shylock nose” has there been such a heinous tree-related hate crime!

Normally I’d write this off as a “Watcha Doin There Rabbi?” scenario, because most of these incidents are faked by Jews to drum up sympathy. It’s hard to believe it’s actually someone driven by Nazi ideology.

On the other hand, there are some signs this might be the work of Generation Zyklon. Apparently, Mt. Lebanon, PA is a hot spot for the emergent new Hitler Youth:

Asked whether the latest anti-Semitic message could be linked to two similar incidents last year at Mt. Lebanon schools, Lt. Fisher said it’s unlikely due to the location and circumstances.

In December, four small swastikas were drawn into a windowsill of a girls’ bathroom at Jefferson Middle School, and a racial slur had been painted on a tackling dummy on the field.

Two months earlier, a swastika was drawn into the mulch near the Washington Elementary School playground. A student at Mellon Middle School admitted he drew it.

When I was in high school, you’d occasionally find swastikas next to gang graffiti, curse words, etc., in the men’s room. But now middle school kids, including girls (!), are drawing them for a good laugh.

@POTUS: “Cool prank, little Johnny. Want to bring that pine cone swastika to the White House?” (if only…)

“There’s nothing to indicate that” the incidents are related, Lt. Fisher said. “It’s a different part of town. But, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was someone in the same age group that isn’t aware of the weight of their words and what they’re writing and the potential impact it has on people.”

Even a neighbor with a Jewy (although could be Austrian) sounding surname waved it off as a prank.

CBS Pittsburgh:

“This is a really inclusive neighborhood. Go around, you’ll see signs written in Spanish, English and Arabic welcoming people,” Nancy Kirschner said.

The home that the message was left out in front of is currently vacant, so police don’t believe it’s a targeted threat.

“I’m just guessing it’s kids thinking it’s funny and not realizing the impact that their humor could have on other people,” Kirschner said.

The best part about this story is she’s probably right. Antisemitism is a big hit with the kids these days, with the popularity of sites like The Daily Stormer, online communities like /pol/ and the hilarious memes that get shared all around the web. Humor plays a big, if not the biggest, part of this rising new Nazism.

Whether it’s seniors at a Texas high school Roman saluting and yelling “Heil Hitler” during their class photo,

or during their German class,

or when they’re playing Nazi Beer Pong, kids today are giving less and less of a fuck about the plight of muh six million lampshade people. This is an excellent development and the more time passes, the less they will care.

Organized Jewry is starting to take notice, however. Back in Mt. Lebanon, the aforementioned incidents sparked a reaction from scrambling school administrators. And of course the Jewsual Suspects had to get their little shakedown operations involved.

As a result of the incidents last year, Mt. Lebanon School District superintendent Timothy Steinhauer said in January the district was taking steps to educate students and reinforce its policies of non-discrimination.

“We have redoubled our efforts with students,” Mr. Steinhauer told school board members earlier this year.

Those efforts have included age-appropriate programs aimed at ensuring that all schools provide a safe and welcoming environment for all students, and meeting with local clergy and rabbis, Mr. Steinhauer said.

Mr. Steinhauer said the district sought guidance from the Jewish Community Center of Greater Pittsburgh, which provided educational resources for each grade level.

“We continue to look for opportunities to be more effective,” including hosting a regional leadership training program for schools in the South Hills this summer through the Anti-Defamation League, he said.

After looking up Mt. Lebanon’s demographics, which make it look like Heaven on earth, it’s basically all white and mostly Catholic. The “other” category and the kosher chameleon/”my fellow white people” phenomenon make it harder to track, but it doesn’t seem like there are that many Jews there. And yet somehow, rabbis and multiple Jewish groups stick their noses in and undoubtedly the taxpayer is picking up the tab for “educational resources” and “regional leadership training programs.” And for what – some pine cones and some light-hearted bathroom graffiti?

The more I think about it though, the more I wonder if this was an A. Wyatt Mann cartoon come to life after all.

In the mind of a Jew, even pine cones can turn into Hitler at any moment.